In a very brief snapshot- humans are passing away left and right and when we take a moment to recognize that we have the simple ability to breathe when others can not- GRATITUDE becomes essential.

Why is gratitude so important? It allows us to refocus on what is important in life and reorganize our life. Gratitude is defined as a sense of “thankful”.

In my career as a Life Coach, I have found that the ability to find gratitude in the simplest things allows us to be thankful for anything. Life is so important. The simple act of breathing is essential but we take it for granted.

Let’s take a moment to breathe.

Next… Try to write down 8-10 things in life we are absolutely grateful for and focus on what we have. It is important to try this mentality instead of focusing on what is taken from us.

Gratitude is a simple yet effective tool to use to appreciate life and our surroundings.

As a Life Coach, I make it my priority to help every client find the balance between Life and Career. When we are not in a state of balance, life will always feel “out of control” in some aspects.

I suggest writing what is important to you on one sheet labeling it “Grateful” and focus on it for 15 minutes. Write down the People, Places, and Things that you are grateful for in this paper.

Focus on what you love and take 1 hour to not listen to things that instill “fear” into you. Sometimes looking in a mirror at yourself and telling yourself “I’ve got you!” “You are safe” will go a long way.

This is also a wonderful time to write down on another piece of paper labeling it “Fearful”. On this sheet write the People, Places, and Things that make you feel fearful and reevaluate what “needs” to be in your mental space currently.

Place the two pages side by side and truly feel what currently makes you happy and helps create a sense of safety and security. I also suggest to clients to throw away the “fearful sheet” then focus on the positive sheet.

Regain your control over your self and your emotional state. I have also found it really helpful that my clients enjoy writing down 10 things that they absolutely want to do in the next year to help them focus on what dreams they can create.

One client always wanted to create a Non Profit to help climate change. Within 3 days of refocusing on what they feel can “help and enhance” the world in a positive way… it was created.

These are brilliant ways to create a positive space for yourself in isolation. Finding the good in creation, finding yourself again and being grateful can literally change your world when the world is changing.

Another fun tool to find out more about yourself is to take an emotional intelligence test. This helps in truly understanding yourself and figuring out what “triggers” our certain emotions.

Focus on what makes you great. Not on what breaks you down. Life is worth living… Not just existing.

Stay Safe. Stay Well