Are you looking for more happiness in your life? Increased productivity? Deeper relationships? Better health? What would you say if I told you that you could find all that and more by embracing gratitude in your life? Your first instinct on reading this would be to disregard it immediately. However, if you have been searching for positivity in your life, don’t stop till you reach till the end of this post! How Gratitude can affect our lives in the most awakening manner is explained in the following points. Read on to make a difference in your life!

How Gratitude Can add to the process of Recovery:

  1. It makes you happier:

    The best way to increase your mood level every day is by maintaining a gratitude journal. Think about the people and things in life that you are grateful for and find time to jot it all down in your diary. It is no exaggeration to say that the result will be equivalent to doubling your monthly salary because it will make you happier than you have been.

  2. It is a great way to make people like you:

    You can significantly enhance your social capital when you are more grateful. It makes us more social, more trustworthy, more appreciative and infinitely nicer. Therefore, you will be able to make more friends and deepen your already existing relationships manifold.

  3. It makes you healthier:

    You might not believe it, but studies show that practicing gratitude can potentially be responsible for increasing your lifespan by months and even years. This advantage stems from the presence of better sleep quality, fewer physical symptoms, more sleep, and less physical pain. It also helps us feel more relaxed than usual and lower the symptoms of depression in an individual significantly.

  4. It strengthens your feelings:

    Gratitude helps in alleviating the emotion of envy and hence, helps us feel the good vibes around us, makes us content with our memories and helps us in bouncing back from stress. It also helps us avoid anxiety and

  5. It makes you optimistic:

    It is natural to go through hard times in life whether it is at home or workplace. Being positive enhances our health, makes us happier and as mentioned above, also increases our lifespan. A gratitude journal is definitely the best way to reap the benefits of this personality trait.

  6. It enhances your self-esteem:

    Imagine living in a world where no one helps anyone else. Now imagine another world where people help you for no ulterior motive than they like you. Which world, in your opinion, would have more individuals with self-esteem? Gratitude assists us in achieving just that.

  7. It helps you stay away from doctors:

    You cannot cure cancer by gratitude, but you can definitely strengthen your physiological system. Positive emotions are shown to enhance your overall health and also helps in improving your mind. It is also known to lend better relationships with parents and with kids in addition to helping you overcome certain addiction

  8. It helps you relax:

    Positivity and gratitude are the best ingredients known to man that can help individuals in effective If you have been stressed lately and have been experiencing trouble sleeping properly at nights, try feeling gratitude for something in life. You will not only feel better but sleep like a baby. This is because gratitude acts as a relaxant and is akin to drinking a soothing cup of chamomile tea before sleeping. The effects are immediate and easy.

  9. It increases your productivity:

    The moment you stop focusing on your worries and insecurities, your level of productivity is bound to increase substantially. This is because gratitude acts as the perfect distraction and helps you suppress all your negative concerns and thoughts.

  10. It helps you in becoming Sober:

It’s strange and extremely aww for people in recovery to realize that how Gratitude could become such an important part of their life. They feel amazed how gratitude such a basic thing was totally ignored earlier and now was doing magic to their life.

Practicing gratitude is like going on a spiritual retreat. As explained above, practicing a little bit of gratitude every single day can go a long way to helping you increase your focus on the things that really matter, enhancing your self-esteem, improving your health and making you more productive. It is not a medicine that cures everything, but it is definitely a very underutilized tool that can provide you a world of happiness and satisfaction.

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  • Peter Marinelli is the renowned international Alcoholics Anonymous circuit speaker and the founder of Through The Archway, Parkland, Florida. He has helped people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction,  recover through 12 steps to recovery, and has changing lives of people by teaching them principles of sober living.