Everybody tells you about the Power of Habit – how it becomes your character, personality or destiny. Nobody tells you about that one mind-set which creates habit.

It is not an addiction. It is not a compulsion. It is not inheritance.

It is a sense of pride in being different. It is self-glorification in doing something. It is a crutch used to boost self-esteem. It gets interlinked to identity – Aisa hi hoon main (This is how I am……..) How often do we hear the following?

I just can’t eat cabbage (or anything healthy but considered low-brow or commonplace)

I cannot sleep before 2 am (No effort has been made to do that. A different lifestyle sets one apart)

I love caviar (My neighbors can’t afford it)

A habit will not change, as long as one takes pride in it. The subconscious keeps pushing one towards it. There is a resistance to enforced change, as it hurts self-esteem. Take pride in a new habit, and it gets ingrained in the personality.

I am cost conscious. (though I can afford to spend more)

I am health conscious (though I can afford to eat out every day)

Change the conversation with yourself. Life will change.

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  • Reena Saxena

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