The covid-19 pandemic has made us a part of a new policy world; the ‘new normal’ as we call it. Every aspect of our daily life has been affected, as the unfurling of the COVID-19 pandemic has constrained  social intimacy.

If we talk of the education sector, then it is not wrong to conclude that it has been one of the significant sectors that have seen a lot of changes. Schools and universities around the world have shut down as a preventive measure to avert the spread of the virus.

And during this time the educational institutions felt the need to adapt practical alternatives to avoid any scholastic loss. And this is when the era of compulsory online learning came into existence.

Remote learning- as a successful alternative.

Faculty and universities around the world have become accustomed to various online fora to teach complete courses remotely. As a result, online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, google etc. have quickly integrated features such as innovative video conferencing into classroom services to meet these new needs. 

Although, the chances of returning to a campus-only course after this ordeal appears to be lower than ever. The disadvantage of remote learning cannot be neglected. However, the situation demands it as a necessity and it for sure has turned out to be a promising substitute.

Is e-learning a challenge?

Traditionally the education system has always been face-to-face, but the needful modifications have completely changed the perception. However, this does not mean that the conventional method has completely gone, but yes it mostly has.

The new method has increased independence in students as a relative advantage. But if we consider economical and accessibility barriers then it has definitely been challenging. Also, students who need extra attention have been bearing the cost of remote education. 

What about students’ mental health?

  • Pandemic-influenced Isolation has reinstated standard learning patterns that were constructed to strengthen social connections and build relationships and has completely turned them upside down.
  •  Many students had to face separation from families that coupled with frustration and that has actually stifled their academic progress. 
  • Covid19 has affected student’s mental health and has obliged universities and other online education institutions to take care of the child’s overall development.
  • Failure to celebrate success has been disappointing and disheartening. 
  • The perks of socialisation that helps the student grasp the reality of the world and makes them feel fresh, has vanished.
  • Insufficient resources and online learning through gadgets at home has also been the root cause of distracted attention.

The answer

Any institution in the world, no matter how rigorous, cannot deny the fact that students need overall development and only Academy learning often increases the pressure and stress. With remote learning students have experienced this stress, the threat of the pandemic, no social interaction and only academic learning has affected student’s overall development. 

Until the world totally gets rid of the pandemic, the normalising of educational patterns is not possible. Nevertheless, online platforms like Brilliant tutions have made the task easier and better. It has ended the search for personalised attention and overall development.

If you too are looking for an online tuition platform for your child, that takes care of student’s mental health and development and closely scrutinises the teaching patterns with personalised attention. Then Brilliant tutions is the answer.