We will find significant distinctions if we compare how different industries have evolved over the past 50 years. For example, there is more automation in manufacturing. Similarly, the approaches adopted by retail outlet have changed significantly and more mediums are now involved in reaching to the customers which was not the case a few years ago. Most of these changes that you will notice can be attributed to technology.

Now, consider the IT industry and the pace at which it has been changing. Almost every month or so, a new Software, gadget, etc. makes its way and interestingly there are many takers of all these new things. Again, there are variety of reasons that contribute to the overwhelming response that IT industry has garnered over the years. Today, we will discuss about two prominent contributors the digital transformation and the robotics.

The Connection
Digital transformation can be described as the change that an organization undergoes to avail the benefits that technology or digitization offers. This can be in terms of process change, nature of business interactions, etc. The IT industry comprises enterprises that are either engaged in development of Software or working on components that make a Software.
Robotics is like an X factor for the IT industry. Most of us are amazed to see robots in real life. These were confined to fiction movies and their entry into the real world is nothing short of a dream coming true. Robotics is a field is vast which involves researching, developing, programming, etc. which are all done using Software again provided by the IT industry. Robotics as a domain also fall under the purview of IT industry.
The Changes and the Ripple Effects
Both digital transformation and robotics are soaring at present which means IT needs more talent, more internal management, more flexibility, more innovative approaches, and the list is practically a long one. There is less time to experiment with new ideas but if that is not done then your competitor will take the lead. We will briefly discuss the major changes that digital transformation revolution and robotics have caused in the IT companies that cater to these sectors.

Talent and Management: Digital transformation in any industry certainly means more business for the IT sector because the companies within the IT sector’s purview will be involved in catering to the digital needs. This massive vitalization with more business means more opportunities for IT professionals. All this seems to be the good part. But, there is a negative part as well. The unprecedented growth has resulted in internal challenges for companies where many employees are still unsure of their key responsibilities resulting in duplication of efforts.
Innovation and Artificial Intelligence: Many manufacturing units across the world have robots that perform different tasks with precision. This is not a new phenomenon and companies have been using robots for nothing less than a decade now. But, more complex businesses require complex Software which has resulted in a rise of smart robotics. The new robots being developed do not only perform mundane tasks but they use artificial intelligence to learn and enhance their capabilities. This certainly requires an ace level programming.
The need of the hour is that companies need to invest in R&D to be future-ready because the solutions of the future are going to be using machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. at a more widespread level. The digital transformation that companies have undergone can be just a phase which will be followed by another phase where companies will migrate to smarter computers and devices that can work more efficiently. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the long-term impact of robotics and digitization on the software IT outsourcing Industry.


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