Tinder is one of the most popular online dating apps in the world. Even if you haven’t used it, you’ve likely heard of it. The app has changed the way people date and find relationships. In some cases the changes are good but in many cases the changes are bad. Here’s a look at all the changes.

Ability to Make Quick Connections

One of the benefits is the lack of scrolling through profiles to determine if a person is someone worth connecting with. The site allows you to swipe left or right if you decide you want to take a potential match to the next stage. Tinder does the hard work for you, using algorithms to determine if two people are potentially good matches.

If both people swipe right, the ability to message each other opens up. You’re both alerted that Tinder had made a successful match, meaning you’re more likely to take the next step in setting up a date or at least engaging in conversation.

Some of the stress of making decisions is taken out of the equation. It’s possible to take more action, opening the dating pool to people you wouldn’t have considered on other dating sites if the profiles weren’t written that well.

Focuses More on Looks

The downside is the way you decide whether to swipe left or right. Tinder is all about the profile pictures, putting the emphasis on looks. Online dating used to be about learning more about individuals’ personalities, likes and dislikes before deciding whether to message someone. Sure, the profile picture played a role but not in the major way that Tinder does.

Now if you don’t get a connection to someone you swiped right on, you know that they swiped left. They didn’t find you physically attractive and that can leave you lacking in self confidence. Likewise, you can feel guilty for swiping left, knowing that if they swipe right and no connection is opened they know you’ve swiped the opposite way.

It’s possible to miss a potentially amazing relationship by swiping the wrong way. You have to rely on the dating app matching you well.

Used Widely for One-Night Stands

Tinder does have a reputation for being used for one-night stands. It’s definitely not one of the best dating apps for relationships. If you want a one-night stand to get over a broken long-term relationship that’s great, but not everyone wants that!

It’s not clear who is on the app for a relationship and who is there for a one-off date. You only find out when you’ve made a connection, which can leave you doubting the use of the app in the future. Judgment may be off when swiping by looking at pictures, thinking that the best looking people on the app are only there for a one-night stand. However, they may be looking for a date and you haven’t given them a chance.

Mimics Real Life Dating

There’s no doubt that Tinder mimics the way people date in real life. When you go to a bar, you make a decision to talk to someone based on looks. If a person offers to buy you a drink, you assess their looks and potential motivations before saying yes or no. Tinder is offering that but in the cyber space. You have to make a decision based on the profile picture.

This can be beneficial. People are more comfortable with some of the more traditional methods. It takes some of the guessing out. However, the whole idea of online dating is to learn more first, which traditional methods don’t really allow.

Tinder has changed dating and relationships. This isn’t always a good thing. Will it help you find a date?