Pets are known for their unconditional love shown towards humans. One feels instantly happy just by looking at them. All of us know pets can add great fun to our lives and improve our health. Still many of us are not aware of the therapeutic effect they offer. Some healthcare centres use animal-assisted therapy to improve cognitive, social and emotional functioning in patients.  Let us look at some of the ways how our pets give us a healing touch.

1. Pets reduce Blood Pressure levels

In a study of 1570 people having age above 60 years, owning a dog was associated with a noticeable decrease in the systolic blood pressure levels. The feel-good hormones released while playing with your pet calms the nerves and offers a relaxing effect.  Having an aquarium in your home can also be a great stress reliever. Apart from being a lively decoration for your home, watching a fish swimming in the aquarium produces hypnotic effects providing a good sleep.

2. Make you appreciate the little things in life

Alone time with your pet is not just only a stress buster, but also a great meditative experience in itself. In life, often the small things make us happy. In this fast-paced world, we often overlook a lot of things which may be small but later prove to be significant.  As pets are interested in the most miniature of things, it helps in taking you away from the chaos of your mind and be fully in the present. This is also an excellent mindful exercise which can be practised regularly.

3. Encourages you to exercise regularly

Large breed dogs are a big favourite among pet owners. Dogs like Doberman, German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever need a considerable amount of exercise and play. Therefore it is vital to take them outside and give them a decent level of physical activity. This will also make you more disciplined and physically fit. You may take your dog alongside you for jogging. As they do not give up easily while running, it will only help you to push harder which will make you fitter and stronger. Thus keeping your pet healthy contributes equally to your health too.

4. Beats the Loneliness

Pets are great companions and they immensely reciprocate your love and affection. They also boost your social relationship whenever you take them outside. As pets are open to the outside environment, it helps you to interact with a lot of people. They open many doors for new friendships to flourish. Pets also help you to be in the moment thereby making you forget all of your worries and problems.   

5. Fulfils your need to touch and to be touched

To touch and to be touched are one of the primary needs of a human being. Cuddling is one of the ways we express our love to our pets. There are a lot of health benefits associated with cuddling. The act of cuddling releases Oxytocin, a chemical that triggers the feeling of love and happiness.  Dogs particularly give you unconditional affection. There are certain dog breeds which are known for their excellent therapeutic effect.  Touching your pet provides a sense of fulfilment and is a great mood enhancer. It will also give a rewarding sensation to your pet as they will feel loved and cared.  Touching your pet will ultimately strengthen the bond between you two.

6. Boosts self-esteem

Maintaining your pet requires you to be alert and active most of the time. As animals are very spontaneous, we have to deal with many uncertainties which in turn makes us more self-assured and confident. People with low self-esteem generally feel insignificant, having a pet can enhance their self-worth and sense of responsibility. Our self-esteem increases when we reward our pets with treats and make them truly happy. They also respond positively to our feelings by making us feel happier and contended.

7. Tickles your funny bone

As pets are curious about everything, they often end up doing hilarious things which makes us laugh wildly. Pets do funny things in order to seek your attention. Play a hide and seek game with your dog for a very good laughter session. As laughter has a good therapeutic effect, it promotes our overall sense of wellbeing and happiness.

As you can see that pets bring us numerous health benefits, it becomes quite important to cherish their companionship. Having a random walk with your pet outside the park can eliminate your stress and worries.  Pets reciprocate your love and affection with much more intensity making you completely happy and fulfilled.