As human beings, it’s natural to compare ourselves to one another. A wise men saying says that healthy dose of competition can be good for you. This in particular is much well applicable in the field of our workplaces.That the main reason you find that many employers introduce bonus schemes and targets, to encourage their employees to work hard, be focus and compete to achieve certain goal of the company. This healthy competition mostly end up creating rivalry where some people thrive up well while other end up stressed feeling in direct competition with a colleagues. Top of the usual pressures of the working environment you can feel overwhelming and challenged by your workmate in a rival way .It can even make some people shy away from the race for that promotion or pay rise. Some just prefer to compete with themselves than others.Here are some advantage that comes in taking rivalry at work in a healthy way.

 1. Incentivize the Team

One would think that people are motivated by money, and that a good paycheck is incentive enough to do a good job. Although salary is a strong component in finding and keeping good talent, Healthy rivalry often motivated people to move into the next gear with other incentives and new positive motive about the work they do.

2.Quality Work

Competitive environments fuel creativity and productivity, generating a higher quality of work. When someone wants to win, he is more likely to look at a variety of solutions to any problem. He pushes boundaries and experiments with solutions. This usually yields better systems and processes and creates an efficient work ethic.Quality work will be enhanced by good health by ensuring you see you doctor often and caring out most test at comfort of your home such as such as pregnancy test that can make release anxiety and be focus.

3.Point out areas where you need to improve 

Rivalry at work helps you open up your eye and mind to see where you are going wrong .It guide you step by step you can take to counter interact the problem you are facing. It’s tempting to completely dismiss criticism from a rival, but experts say there may be a reason to listen—at least to some of it.

4.Boosting bonding within your group 

The “me-versus-we” mentality seen in the study isn’t just found in experiments it can crop up in everyday situations. Whether you’re faced with a competing company or rival fans at a football game, the presence of an outsider can boost loyalty to your own group.For instance “Mary was co-worker with “Jane” as police women they had to go for undercover 6 month in Taiwan.” Mary” hard a bothering and doubting pregnancy issue.This was a failure in their line of duty as police-women.”Mary” will never forget that pregnancy test kit that “Jane” assisted her to kill the doubt she had despite their great rivalry between them.


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