What does it take to be number one? Hard work, style, passion, or consistency.

In the business of making homemade baby clothes, Heavenbloom has succeeded in being number one. You may want to know how.  Shopping baby wears particularly for girls is a serious concern for parents. It takes effort from parents to give their babies the best in terms of clothing. This is where Heavenbloom comes handy. Besides making unique brands for babies, they also make handmade dresses that are comfortable and affordable.

People may want to know why they should choose these unique handmade dresses rather than the regular mass production. Here are a few points why these homemade dresses are better off.

DURABILITY: Children are mostly outdoor. Therefore, they need wears that are durable and long lasting. Heavenbloom doesn’t just ensure that the best fabric is used, quality time is employed to ensure that these fabrics aligns to the skin of the babies.   So, for these reasons, handmade clothes are the best option. Sometimes, regular clothes lose their shape after some washes. But with Heavenbloom you are not going to face this issue.

CUSTOMIZED SIZING: At  Heavenbloom, we believe every baby is unique and fitting them is paramount. All the baby dresses are designed and delivered in your custom size. This is to ensure that the dresses fit, and to show that they were designed out of love and care for our customers.

QUALITY: Babies grow very quickly. Some people are not concerned with the longevity of their clothing. A carefully sown dress can be passed on from one baby to another. That is why Heavenbloom ensures that the best quality fabric is used. Even for clothes that your child will only wear for a brief period, this homemade clothing ensures that there is value. Particularly when you consider that it could be sold, given away or even donated!

In conclusion, it is advisable to go through the website and social media handles to discover all the adorable designs and promotions available for this brand.


  • Casey Imafidon

    Casey Imafidon

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