No matter what time of year, what is going on in the world, or even what’s happening in my life, I have a set of goals I make a point to accomplish everyday. I RARELY miss meeting these goals. (If I do, I’m sick, and I must be really sick to not watch a documentary or something new to me. )




I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY because I understand the importance of education and keeping the mind sharp. Not only does learning something new or doing something in a different way make your days more interesting, it also fires neurons in the brain and creates healthier synapses. New roads and bridges, if you will, in the brain. Just like anything else, if you don’t exercise your brain, if you don’t use it-you will lose it. Your body literally shuts down systems it no longer uses to conserve energy for the other systems that are being used. (It is way more complicated than that, but you get the idea.)

Mental stimulation such as reading, word puzzles, brain games, math, learning a new language or even things that work dexterity and mental effort will help as well, things like painting, trying a new recipe, and making crafts. (Just to name a few). There are a plethora of things anyone of use can do every day to keep our mental capacity strong.

Also, every thing else can be taken away from you, but education can not. What do you have to lose? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! With reading, writing (or whatever you are interested in) and learning you only gain!

Here is your challenge-Pick goals that you can accomplish everyday, and stick to them for the health and happiness of you!

Written by: Dayna Mohan