I think we all vividly remember the day when we were told that WE, Mother’s who opted-out of becoming teachers, would be homeschooling our children for the remainder of the year.

I work with many women who used that glorious 7 hours of freedom to work on their business and I know stay-at-home Mothers used it to catch up on the many household and family management activities running a home requires.

To have that snatched from us so quickly and without say felt jarring.

Yet, I am starting to see something happen that I always sort of dreamed would happen in families and especially the education system.

Parents are starting to see the glaring holes in our outdated education system (and how underpaid teachers are.)

One of the largest holes being: how children are compared to the other children to the left and right of them and then being treated the same as everyone else.

Being home with you children in this way is probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever do and also one of the most beautiful, transformative experiences as well — if you apply what I am about to tell you.

Not only will it create space and time for you to do what YOU need to do, but it will also nurture the human they came here to be. 

For the last 4 years, I have been parenting my two little ones (Ford, 4 and Ruby, 2) by their Human Design.

I often get compliments on how well they get along, how they treat others, and most importantly how self-aware and assured they are. Honestly I can’t take much credit, I don’t do anything other than partner with them as opposed to “parent” them.

I don’t assume I know more than them they do about themselves (the world yes— themselves, no) and I listen to what THEY tell me they need and want to do. 

Once I remember I was beating myself up for the amount of YouTube Ford was watching, making myself wrong and a “bad mom” then I learned that because of his design, this was a form of “research”. It was in alignment with the investigator in him and was deeply empowering to him.

So, you see— it is easier to trust THEM because I know their Human Designs.

Before we begin, I will give a brief intro to Human Design and then go into some tips on how to best partner with each Design during this wild time, so when you look back at this, you see it as a blessing and the moment your relationship with your child changed forever.

What is Human Design:

Human Design is a system that tells us how WE were uniquely built –logically, emotionally, physically and energetically.

It is a system that brings together the principles of the ancient I Ching, the mathematics of Astrology, The Tree of Life (Kabbalah), Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System all combined with the knowledge of genetic coding and the understanding of neutrinos (Quantum Physics).

If you thought understanding your sun sign was fascinating— you’re going to love this.

Think of it as Astrology on steroids.

Basically, our bodies are vehicles and every vehicle has its own mechanics. It knows where to go, what to do, and who to talk to in order for each person to live their life with the least amount of resistance.

So for example, when a warning light pops-up on your dashboard you can either read your car’s user manual or you can use your mind to try and figure it out and spend hours Googling, asking friends what they think.

Totally up to you, once is just faster and creates less stress.

In this analogy, your body is the vehicle and your Human Design and your BodyGraph is the manual. 

The most important aspects of your Design are going to be your Type and it’s Strategy, as well as your Authority. 

Our Type is a model for a way of life, the way our vehicle best “creates” and works with life. We are often told to go make things happen, that is the model we have— and it’s not working for a large percentage of the population.

Our Authority is how we uniquely make decisions. Some people are meant to make decisions over time, riding out their emotions and habit of making emotional decisions. Some are meant to make it with their gut, and still others with their heart.

However there is ONE place all of us are not meant to make decisions from and that is the mind. 

You know how they say, “Kids don’t come with manuals.”

False, they do.

Before we dive into the types, I want you to grab your Chart as well as your Children’s.

The best way to ensure you’re helping them become the person they were born to be, is first and foremost, by being the person you were. The person they chose to guide them on their unique path.


Manifestor- if your child is a Manifestor, I am sure you can already feel the power and energy that they have. It can feel very “pushy” and sometime you innately feel the need to control. This is who they are, they are MEANT to initiate, break the rules, and do things their way. Attempts to control them for your own comfort simply dis-empower and break their spirit. 

Give them MORE freedom than YOU think that you should— literally, to the point of you being uncomfortable.

Inform them of what you’re doing and why, they want to feel like they are a part of the process.

Do not compare them to others, especially their siblings. 

And if they experience anger (which is what happens when they are out of alignment with their design) hold the space for them to do that and don’t make them wrong for it.

Generator- these children have a lot of lifeforce energy and when they are lit up about what they are doing, they are focused and are quite the finishers.

I notice my pure generator doesn’t like to leave ANYTHING undone/incomplete that he is invested in and he loves to help.

These types have a very primal way of communicating, it sounds like grunting, so telling them to, “Use their words” actually stifles their communication.

Ask them yes or no questions — instead of, “Why did you do that?” ask them specifically, “Did you do that because _________?” and let them make their primal, “Un-huh” or, “Un-uh.”

This type has to exhaust their energy every day. Make sure that they are moving, thinking, and creating at their own pace, so at the end of the day they are able to fall asleep.

Manifesting Generators – somewhat a hybrid of the two. These types have initiator tendencies with the life force of a generator so they need to have a lot of different things going on in order to feel expressed.

Space, space, and more space. Give these kids creative freedom!

My little Manifesting Generator Ruby LOVES to color… on herself and the walls, wherein her Brother never did. This is her way of saying, “Do not limit me.”

When they are focused and working on something, do NOT interrupt them, their creative process is very internal and when it’s interrupted it can create resistance and anger.

The same as with Generators, make sure you’re asking them Yes/No questions and just like with Manifestors, that you’re keeping them informed and in the loop.

Projectors – this type is different than most and they need to be treated as such. Generators and even Manifestors have a move, move, move, do, do, do energy and Projectors are much more fluid.

They aren’t necessarily meant to move throughout the world in that way— they love their naps and they love to observe.

Don’t force these kids to go out to play when they do not want to and honor their need for rest— it does not make them lazy.

They need to be recognized and require one on one attention more than others. Whereas other types can be independent, Projectors enjoy partnering with others. 

THIS is the type you can ask open ended questions to and they will be SO happy to find an answer for you, they simply need to be invited to do so and to share it.

To make them feel special, I will ask them often what they think about any given thing and you can see their face light up.

Reflectors- with only 1% of the population falling into this type, they are very rare and have special gifts. These children are a reflection of the people and places they are near. If a Reflector child is upset, sick, unhealthy— the environment or the people in it are. 

Make sure you expose these types to different experiences so they can exercise their gifts and experience new things. They are evaluators so this is their job and they will feel right at home doing it. 

This type will naturally love nature and being outdoors (and away from others.)

Their behavior is a direct reflection of you, so being aware of who YOU are being will innately help them.

In order to make decisions, they need to talk it out with you, over time. Unlike the other types, Reflectors aren’t going to be quick decision makers.

Finally, help them embrace their inconsistency as a gift. This doesn’t make them wrong, this makes them who they are.

AGAIN, most importantly— you have to be who YOU were meant to be in order to properly guide and partner with these amazing Humans who chose you.

Taking care of you, putting yourself first, making sure that you’re feeling your absolute best will model what it looks like to THEM.

Can you imagine what this world will look like when every single person is being who they were meant to be?

No longer being compared to the person beside them, offering the gifts they were given to the world, and loving themselves (and others) fiercely?

I can.