I started doing makeup in 2006, working with popular brands like MAC, Benefit, Chanel and Lancôme. I loved what I was doing and found myself pushing to gain more knowledge and experience. I have always loved makeup, not only to make other people feel their best, but as a way to relieve stress and express myself in a different way. Even as I was working long hours, I found myself creating different looks in my free time as an artistic outlet. It is an art that I am not only very passionate about but have turned into the best career I could have ever dreamed of.

I have always looked up to my parents and their entrepreneurial spirits. They moved to California from London when I was 8 years old to build a life for my brother and I, establishing and running their own successful business. They always told me that the skies the limit! I knew even as a child that I would be my own boss one day, create a business I was passionate about, and be able to look back to see what success really felt like. 

My inspiration comes from many places, it is such an expressive art that I find myself influenced from a painting, magazines, or other make-up artists that are absolutely thriving in their field. One of my favorites is Mario – Kim Kardashian’s artist. I really vibe with his style, and look at him as a great reminder of what happens when you start from the bottom and work your way to the top.

After four incredible years working for other companies, and building my expertise I took a leap of faith and began my journey to where I am today. In 2009 I started freelancing as a solo MUA doing makeup for proms, photo shoots, and weddings, and was lucky to find myself connecting with some incredible clients. 

In 2014 I was a contestant in “The Battle of the Beat Down” makeup competition hosted by well known makeup artist “Mac Daddy” in LA. I was terrified knowing that the people who I was competing against were all incredibly talented, had over 200k followers, while little me had barely under 4k. That night I won first place. I couldn’t believe it.

In 2017 I started a business with a partner called Bridal Bliss Company specializing in on location Bridal and Special Occasion Hair and Makeup Artistry. I still pinch myself when I think about how I started from just me as an artist doing what I loved, to having an entire team of hair and makeup artists that work with on a regular basis. In 2017 Bridal Bliss started off with 35 brides, and 2018 we topped our own record doing 52 brides. I have continued to push my limits, and always aim higher and higher to achieve my goals. 

This year has been a really big year for me because I started  company that comes straight from my heart. I wanted to create simple, comfortable and beautiful lashes that would be easy to use, and versatile enough for anytime of day. From daily use, to strutting down the runway – “Mink and Lashes” has 16 different styles, and can be used up to 20x without losing the flawless look, or easy to use application.

I am donating a percentage of each sale to cancer research, in honor of my beautiful mother who passed away battling cancer in 2015, and to support anyone else who is or has suffered from it.

I absolutely love the feeling I get when I see a customers reaction when they look at themselves in the mirror for the first time, and that feeling that I made helped them achieve their best selves.

I have dreams of coordinating events in partnership the American Cancer Society in which Mink and Lashes are used to help beautify young teens, or adults for a makeover of a lifetime. Everyone should a get a chance to feel like a princess, especially during such a difficult hardship that so many have/are suffering from. My goal has always been to give back to those who are in this fight, because I know that collectively together we can do so much more than I could alone- we are going to thrive.

Thanks for reading my story,

Tanika patel

@minkandlashes @tanika143

“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination”

Willian Longgood