Each week l’d freak out trying to figure out how to get my team to connect and have fun online.

You know… like we used to at a bar or restaurant after work… with drinks ON THE COMPANY.

I tried (and failed miserably) lol:

– getting people to actually attend and look forward to online happy hours

– getting the team to share stories – of course no one volunteered

– playing games – of course its difficult to manage and keep scores

– living through those awkward silences – those were the worst!

I was at my wit’s end!

I knew there was a general lack of motivation, connection and joy within the company! Those things we could fix when we’d host a super fun team outing… and connect on a human level!

Then it hit me!

I needed to find a way to recreate our team outings virtually. Seeing people laugh, enjoy and actually look forward to our online happy hours.

Tech companies have kept this secret to themselves for ages because they’ve always worked from home; yet somehow their teams are the most motivated in the world. That’s why their managers do so well.

Once l tried the strategy l’m about to share with you – everything changed. We have an absolute blast as EVERY WEEK now!

The entire team logs on to the online happy hours and they look forward to them… they laugh about our fun the entire week in anticipation of the next online happy hour – go figure!

Adjusting to working from home has not been easy, especially for us managers who are still responsible for bringing people together, motivating staff and increasing productivity.

Well, we’re in this together… so, if you’re interested l’m revealing the secret how my company is motivating staff online and staying profitable.

The answer is … we discovered the power of GAMING! When working remotely we cannot engage over a meal or a drink like we used to. However, one thing we all have in common is the love of playing something – the warmth of being part of a team or the adrenaline of being part of a challenge. So, we needed to find a game, that appeals to EVERYONE; no matter your background or personal interests.

We found that answer in Hosted Online Trivia – honestly, you have to try it! BUT the trick is to use the best technology and get a company to host it. We literally host online trivia every week now! We alternate between playing in teams and playing individually. They love it and we’ve never felt more connected as a team.

There is an art to doing the questions you must use in your trivia – you have to keep it general knowledge; and unlike the pub quizzes that are difficult, you have to use questions they actually know. The questions in the trivia have to be simple and engaging while covering as many categories as possible. And a final tip! You must use fun visuals and sound; when we tried this using PowerPoint, it simply didn’t work.

There are many technologies you can use to host a trivia that make your team feel like they just joined Family Feud or another professionally hosted game-show that they like. If you cheap out on the technology, then you don’t get the results.

Good Luck to you and yours.

Kimberly Simon is the founder of The Venue Global Inc, an instant marketing app that connects venues and event organizers to a broader audience.  CLICK HERE check out more on employee engagement and team building.