A few days ago it was my birthday, which is naturally a cause for celebration! I mentioned in my last post HERE all of the wonderful things I’ve recently celebrated. Including International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in March, with emphasis on keeping the momentum going strong for a #BalanceForBetter everyday in moving women’s rights forward!

Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, Celebrate every moment!
Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, rainbow fun park moments

Celebrate every moment!

Today I want to talk about celebrating every moment, which is one of my personal mantras. Having a birthday this week, I took a moment for a little self reflection. I realized that I have embraced ‘celebrating every moment’ in almost everything that I do. From waking up, to getting dressed, to parking my car. I’m learning that I live for a celebration!

I’ll take you back a little into my past, back to my childhood days. I was always a whimsical artist and creator from as far back as I can remember. My parents were very progressive people and without exception supportive of my work. They would proclaim to any and everyone that would listen how I was going to be an artist one day, always showing off my drawings to family members and friends. I would credit their outward and constant encouragement for the confidence that I have today to create and explore without limitation. The enthusiasm that they had for anything that I created was contagious, and I absolutely caught onto it!

The little things matter so much

The woman I am today still exudes energy and excitement for anything that I am about to do. If I arrive at work, and my designated parking space is not mistakenly parked in by someone else, I think it’s a momentous occasion! I wake up ready to celebrate each day because I know I’ll have a new opportunity to either create something interesting or experience a new place where I’ll be inspired and eager to share!

Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, Bohemian Gypsy style
Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, Half Moon Music

Celebrating with what I wear

I also noticed that I celebrate moments with what I wear. Credit probably due to my late father, who I love so dearly! My dad was a proud military man. He whole heartedly believed in everything that the Navy taught him about dress code standards. From “spit-shined” shoes, to perfectly creased pant legs and starched-stiff collars! When I was a  little girl and it was my birthday, he would buy the most beautiful dresses fit for a princess, accompanied with a card just as delightful! (I still have each card, by the way.)

He showed me that every act is an occasion, from going to work, to visiting someone’s house or what to wear when it’s your birthday. As an adult, I have totally embraced this! If my girlfriends and I have plans to meet up for lunch over the weekend, I’m celebrating the anticipation of the get-together all week long! While also planning (and sometimes even buying) the perfect outfit just for what some might call a simple occasion. I believe that every moment is precious, and with intention I try to treat each one as ceremonious and memorable, worthy of a celebration.

Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, Celebrating What I Wear
Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, Rainbows and Dancing Bears worthy of a celebration!

Write it down, watch it happen & celebrate!

This past Christmas, along with our traditional present exchange, my mom cleverly included a folder for each one of us with our childhood awards, ribbons, report cards, writings and artwork. Stuff dated back to the 1980’s, and YAASSS! She actually organized and kept up with ALL of this for us AND the grandkids, too! (She’s an exceptional lady!) I have paralleled in the photos below what I envisioned and drew as a child next to what that dream looks like in reality today! It all makes me immediately think of this verse:

“Put it in writing, because it is not yet time for it to come true. But the time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true. It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed.” -Habakkuk 2:3 (Good News Translation)

Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, Write it down and make the vision plain
Did you know my blog, ShaundaNecole.com was once a magazine called “The Shaunda Showcase Book” written in No. 2 pencil, stapled and bound?! I bet you also didn’t recognize Madonna on the cover of the first issue!
Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor. Write it Down, Watch It Happen & Celebrate!
This drawing was definitely a prelude to my business, Cheer Factory. Beyond the initial drawing, we ended up with a a lifetime of memories and a squad of 100+ employees over the course of 12 years in business…and still counting!

What moments can you celebrate more? Make a list, write it down and watch it become a habit! If you’re like myself and my mom, hold onto your list to look back at it some 30 years later!
Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, How I Created the Future I Wanted to See by Drawing What I Envisioned
My style with whimsy tip:
I picked this whimsical jumpsuit, all black with accents of rainbows. Instead of pairing it with the expected black shoes, I intentionally went for a straight-up contrast and wore white boots…White after Labor Day! Next time you get dressed, break a perceived style rule and share with me what you did and why you LOVED IT!
Shaunda Necole Thrive Global contributor, Knowing which way to go