Short answer: Thinking about the connection between Better Sleep and Better Life. For months, many of my friends had been asking me what was going on in my life. I was simply trying to figure out how to help others live a more balanced life starting with better sleep.

Plenty of people talk about living a balanced life, in fact, there appear to be more than a million books and blogs dedicated to the topic. Yet, while most of us claim to understand the need for balance, few of us create our lives to reflect these beliefs.

As a self-proclaimed workaholic, there were many years of my life where balance was a foreign concept.

Though my story isn’t entirely unique, I have managed to turn things around….and from the other side, I can assure you that it is completely worth it.

Over the years, I spent a disproportional amount of time dedicated to work; my work ethic served me well, and, for a while, I considered myself to be “successful.”

My career evolved with promotions, more responsibility, larger teams, bigger businesses, and progressively more money.

Over the years, I was fortunate to work with several, very fine, and renowned organizations- large and small, leading and coaching international teams, creating, managing, and growing businesses.

A few years ago, however, after a very challenging assignment that took considerable energy and life out of me, I started paying closer attention to what a more balanced life should look like.

I consulted with coaches, read self-development articles and books, listened to audiobooks, and started being more intentional about seeking happiness in the moment- not as a reward or result at “the end of the tunnel.”

I went as far as scoring myself by using the “Wheel of Life”- an assessment that evaluates your efforts from a comprehensive perspective allowing an introspection into areas of work, family, health, mindfulness, spirituality, giving, friendships, learning, etc.

Needless to say, the “spider chart” was anything but balanced.

I started being intentional about improving the various areas that had, in the past, been neglected; I was fully prepared for the potential downside of letting my career and its financial rewards suffer in the exchange.

To my surprise, while I was progressively getting better in the areas previously neglected, my career and money did not suffer.

In fact, they got better!

Accelerated readings and learnings led to intentional application of positive thinking, gratitude and the pursuit of doing “good”.

What’s amazing about this transformation process is that when you are open to new ideas and new possibilities and your emotional guidance system tells you to keep going, you have to listen to it.

Do not offer resistance! Instead, embrace it!

What follows is the Law of Attraction coming into play: circumstances, events, people, resources show up in completely unexpected ways adding to the strength of the idea and commitment and bringing you closer and closer to your goals.

So, I began actively looking for ways to combine my personal values, beliefs, and recent experience seeking a balanced lifestyle with my 20+ years of experience in the material science and sleep products arena.

I wanted to do more than just build an amazing innovative product. I wanted to help people realize how easy it is to achieve a better life balance.

Earlier last year, a convergence of factors brought me to the idea of launching my own business. Among them were industry changes, market signals, successful cases of similar business model disruptions, encouragement from professionals, friends, and family…and finally, clear signals from the “Universe” that this was a good path.

In this particular case, I was fortunate to connect or reconnect with incredible people and assemble an amazing team of experts. Investors showed up in completely unanticipated ways and supported the business idea and start-up company with more resources than originally considered. All of them, without exception, completely aligned with the overall idea, plan, and brand positioning.

The business idea and model was built out of the intention to help others achieve a more balanced life while leveraging my years of experience in innovation and development of specialty materials to improve comfort and quality of sleep.

I embraced the opportunity with vigor and positive emotion. It became a catalyst in my continuous process of intentionally pursuing a more balanced life to the point of making it an important part of our brand positioning.

What initially felt like a risky proposition (fear), over the following several months had consistently developed into strength, confidence, happiness, calmness, and, ultimately, a knowing.

We are building a brand that is helpful, authentic, selfless, and personal. We are freely sharing our knowledge.

Our “why” is to help individuals find balance in their daily lives.

Our “how” is to make it easy to connect (buying process), simple to understand (product design and materials you can trust), and offer tools/resources to spark your own change.

Our “what” is to help you start with a better night’s sleep and achieve a healthier lifestyle as the catalyst for the change.

Our brand: NUVANNA.

Our tagline: Awaken the Nu you.

Nuvanna has recently launched, and there is a lot of work ahead of us. Our team is motivated, our investors are incredibly supportive, and our initial customer feedback couldn’t have been better.

The last several months have been very exciting and rewarding. Perhaps the most balanced months of my life!

I know that the business will be successful. In many ways, it already is. It’s my personal goal to let Nuvanna bring you joy, peace, happiness, and balance.

These should not be future aspirations for you. These are available now and everywhere. The transformation starts within you.

You just need to listen more closely, be open, be positive, be intentional, let go of your fears, and relax.

Learn more about it at

Alvaro Vaselli is the Founder and CEO of Nuvanna, a start-up that combines his 20+ years of leadership in product design and material science in sleep products with his passion to help others achieve a more balanced life.

As an entrepreneur, innovator, and team builder, he inspires people to live a more balanced life that includes better sleep, mindfulness, positivity and gratitude. Alvaro is committed to providing best-in-class, innovative products with thoughtfully created and expertly curated resources.

Connect with Alvaro on Twitter and Linkedin.

Originally published at on December 1, 2016.

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