I am a female founder who founded a business 27 years ago before the days of internet, Google, social media, smart phones and Amazon. I also created a line of products for an industry that did not yet exist. So, clearly, there were challenges. 

I did not do these things from a space of supreme confidence. It was done because of a “Love Supreme” and a passion for what I was doing and me believing, “I cannot be the only person who would like this kind of stuff.”

I doubted myself. I did not always believe I could do it. I was afraid of failing time and time again and I did a very silly, but effective thing, to pump myself up. I recited a line from the Will Smith movie “Men in Black”. There is a scene with Will and Tommy Lee Jones when Will’s character informs Tommy Lee’s character that he cannot drive the new car. He motions to Tommy and say “Old and busted,” then points to himself and says “The new hotness.” 

I would look in the mirror and say out loud to myself “I am the new hotness.” When I first started to do this I sounded weak and feeble but, it did make me laugh at myself when I was afraid. 

After a number of months doing this, I was less afraid and nervous when I had to do public-facing things. Of course, this was one of the many steps I took towards becoming a better and stronger person. I shared this because of its simplicity and silliness. Silly, but over time, quite effective. 



Lisa Price