When I was younger, I prioritized adventure. I wanted to travel the world, so I did. Then I discovered entrepreneurship and developed a passion for defining your own destiny, so I prioritized the entrepreneurial journey and my career. I started seeing early signs of burnout. I discovered yoga and meditation, which led me to restructure priorities and make more room for my well-being. The result was astounding. I lowed down to be more productive, — my life changed dramatically.

My entrepreneurial journey had caused me a great deal of stress, so when I also began to prioritize my health, my career started to shift for the better. It wasn’t an uphill battle anymore. It had a steady momentum.

I started a lifestyle business, which kept me more in line with my new found priorities. Then I got bored. So I started re-prioritizing adventure and set myself up to work independently of location and travel more. This change led me to reconnect with nomadic communities. I stopped feeling so isolated because I was connecting with other expats and digital nomads who shared similar lifestyles.

Then this nomadic life started making me feel very ungrounded. I also found myself rather disenfranchised, so I decided to re-prioritize putting down roots. I also wanted to prioritize having a loving, intimate relationship and building a future with one person. I can go on and on…

My point is that life and priorities are subject to change. Different times call for different measures. Any shifts leads to new learning journey. One new choice tends to be a stepping stone to the next thing, and it’s not necessarily a vertical move. Steps can go in any direction.

Today I am trying to balance entrepreneurship as a digital nomad with a committed relationship based on love and acceptance, while placing an equally high priority on health, wellness, yoga, and meditation.

As I have been prioritizing and de-prioritizing and re-prioritizing different things throughout the last 17 years, I have learned that today my balance is somewhere in between. I am always creating and re-creating my world to make it most suitable for the next chapter.

If give myself enough alone time to meditate and reflect, then I have more space to be creative. When I emphasize health and wellness, I am more productive.

I feel firmly grounded in my roots while simultaneously traveling around the world.

Although it took about 17 years, I finally find myself moving in the right direction. Through all of these changing priorities and perspectives, I discovered the key to my happiness is finding a balance amongst it all.

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Originally published at medium.com