Being productive under stress has become increasingly difficult living in our modern world. Today it seems harder than ever to disconnect as we’re constantly over-stimulated and bombarded by screens and incoming messages. As a mother and small business owner, I felt this stress immensely and watched how it took over my life. I’d be powering through my days, but often felt drained. The more I discussed my feelings with my family and friends, the more I realized how this was a reality for many of us. These conversations revealed a common goal among our frustration; the desire to feel productive and feel good while doing it.

For years I’d been a tea lover, and it eventually made a place in my life as something that helped bring me back to balance as I juggled my duties as a mom and business owner. I started drinking matcha a few years ago after reading about its many health benefits like reducing inflammation, improving focus, calming the mind, and even detoxifying gently and naturally; and then it became part of my self-care routine. The results of drinking matcha daily have impacted my life for the better and eventually inspired our business, 10th Avenue Tea. The little caffeine boost I’d get from matcha was exactly what I needed to help me through my mornings of getting four kids off to school while managing the day-to-day of the company.

As amazing as matcha is on its own, the buzz around CBD products on the market over the last few years also piqued my interested as a way to cope with this overwhelming stress and anxiety I’d experienced. It wasn’t long after this initial intrigue that our team began to test and develop a matcha + CBD product. CBD has been known to have many benefits, some of which include helping reduce anxiety and easing pain and inflammation. I started incorporating this matcha + CBD combo into my morning routine and immediately started to experience the additional benefits of CBD that everyone raves about. My daily routine now runs even more smoothly, as I feel at ease handling all the demands I face.

Nearly everyone I know realizes they need to make self-care a higher priority, and I think CBD really addresses that need for a lot of people. We started 10th Avenue Tea because we wanted to give people a convenient, healthy product, that inspires and supports this practice of daily self-care. When we decided to add the CBD to our lineup, I loved the idea that we could provide a product that could truly change a person’s mindset- a key to tackling anything in life. For me, the combo of matcha + hemp CBD drastically made a difference in my life; not too much caffeine, not too much “chill.” My hope is that everyone can find a natural way to not only give each day their fullest but also feel their best.