What inspires you gives you energy. To me, energy is the fountain of youth. It means that whatever your age, you have the desire and ability to get off the couch, go to a concert, a dinner party, run a marathon, have sex, or just clean up your closets.

Sounds pretty clear, but it may not be that simple.

At 45 I had two young children, a bipolar boyfriend, friends, and family. I ran a busy medical practice and household, slept little, was under lots of stress, worked a lot, exercised regularly, and ate a pretty decent diet. But I had energy. I was young and healthy.

But then the following year everything changed. Suddenly I was circling the drain, running out of steam. It was menopause. A few hot flashes here, a missing period there, a few extra pounds around my waist, overall a huge sense of exhaustion. I was running on empty. Getting out of bed became a chore, and all my energy was focused on work and kids. It was really rough. Many of my patients say: “Menopause changes one’s sense of self, with small and large changes taking place every day every week, until one day you no longer recognize yourself. You give up on the thought you can ever be your vibrant self again.”

Well, I didn’t give up. I never give up. My mind said I can still do it all, my body was simply not cooperating. So unlike the guys who when they enter menopause/andropause buy a new sports car or get a younger wife to forget reality, I decided to get my old vibrant energetic self back.

I did some serious medical research, visited with longevity gurus, poked around alternative practices and landed in the land of hormones. Retrospectively, now some 20 years later, I can tell you putting it all together was quite easy and magically rewarding.

What did I find out about how to get the energy back? I found out it was all about balance.

Our bodies are like an orchestra. Every organ, another instrument. We need a great conductor to create harmony and melodies that keep our brains content and quiet. The conductor is our hormones. When I’m saying hormones, I don’t just mean sex hormones ( estrogen, progesterone, testosterone). I mean also thyroid, adrenals, serotonin, vitamin D, insulin, and many others. When they all work together they create the most beautiful symphony which fills our life with positive energy. So what are the nourishments for these hormones? Shockingly they aren’t artificial things. They are natural hormones, supplements, friends, hobbies, eight hours of sleep, exercise, a vibrant sex life, no drama, stress management, cuddling, meditating, constantly learning, all those things that make us smile and feel good inside.

Because how we feel inside reflects directly on how we look outside and how we see ourselves. And it isn’t the other way around. There is no point in having a car detailed looking amazing if the engine is wrecked. You might as well trash it.

It’s the same with us humans. All the botox and fillers and plastic surgery won’t give us energy. We might look like that well detailed car but our engine will need fueling. No one can fix you. You have to fix yourself. Energy and wisdom after 40 inspire us to do things differently. My patients and I are testimonials that life is bright and shiny, sex is magnificent, running the marathon is totally doable, our closets are color coordinated and we just can’t wait for the next Justin Timberlake concert. That’s all because we all have energy.

So energy is the fountain of youth and it isn’t only for the young, it’s for all.


  • Dr. Erika Schwartz is an internationally renowned thought leader and pioneer in the field of prevention, health care that focuses on preventing disease by addressing lifestyles, whole body and mind treatments using conventional and integrative medical modalities.