In 2018, I became a wife and a new mom. My entire life had changed in the course of just a few months. Prior to these amazing, life-changing events, I had no daily routine whatsoever! I was a “fly by the wind” type of woman. I went to work, maybe went to the gym, may or may not have cooked dinner. You know, the no real responsibilities mentality.

Well, once my son was born all that changed! While on maternity leave I tried everyday to make time for my son, my husband, my two bonus kids, myself, cook dinner, clean the house, do laundry, write and pump out breastmilk (because the entire process can take 30 minutes). As a result, I crashed mentally. Life felt impossible to do! I was overwhelmed and postpartum depression kicked into high gear.

After weeks of tears and frustration, how did I manage to gain inspiration? Well, I started with a mindset change. I realized that if I did not get organized and start routines, I would never have time for myself. Without self-care, I could not be the wife and mother I needed to be.

In 2019, I made a goal – “Master Time Management.”

Looking at those three words inspired me to maximize my time. There are enough hours in the day to do exactly what needs to be done. The key is planning.

With the help of a few time management tips from NYU, I now use Sundays to recharge and plan the week ahead. Even though I meal plan, I’m flexible in moving certain meals around depending on family requests. I set weekly goals, prioritize tasks, and make daily to-do lists in order to keep things organized. Where do I keep all these lists and tasks? My planner (a.k.a my accountability partner).

Before I received my planner, nothing was organized and I simply had no motivation. Once, I began prioritizing and crossing things off my list, I had more time. Yes, that means more time for me. I was no longer sitting on the couch overwhelmed, thinking about all the things I had to do. I was actually getting them done!

Each night I have a routine that makes the next day easier. Preparing the coffeemaker is a simple task that my husband and I benefit from in the mornings. It’s like coffee just magically appears!

My willingness to change in order to become more present for my family and myself, allowed for inspiration to foster my passions. So start a routine and stick to it!