I was into public speaking and wanted to build my personal brand and learn from the best in the business. 

One fine day I was wondering how I could do that. 

Then a thought occurred on my mind that if there is one thing which can change my life are mentors and professionals who call the shots. 

So, I started working on getting connected to influencers in no more than 6 months. 

This is how I did it:

This is how I have made a strong relationship with some of the Influencers:

1) I got connected (Became Friends on Facebook,Connected with them on LinkedIn and followed them on Instagram, Twitter etc)

2)I appreciated their work and asked to provide them value.

3)I did my Homework which included finding out what value I can add to him/her like you can mention them in an article or a blog of yours so that the influencer reaches their audience. 

4)I kept them updated about the value which I was adding to their professional lives. 

5) I didn’t  ask them for any favour.

6)They are influencers and understand that I have taken time for them and added value to them.

7)Next step was very important,Being patient.

8)I kept on adding value and asking more as to how I can add even more value to them.

In this fashion, I was able to develop a strong relationship with influences and catch their attention as not many people now are excited to add value to others as most are busy pitching to influencers. 

So, In order to stand out of the noise, These steps can definitely be a starting point to your amazing professional life. 


  • Vanky Kenny Kataria

    2 Time TEDx Speaker | Personal Brand Consultant and Linkedin Trainer

    Vanky Kenny Kataria is an engineer turned motivational speaker and personal brand consultant. He's a two time Tedx speaker and has been featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, MSN, Reader's Digest, etc and in books like '30&Under'. 'PeopleMaven' named him one of the Top 13 Emerging Communication Skills Coaches from around the world and has also been awarded with the prestigious 'Radio Mirchi's Youth Icon' of Nashik. He has keynoted at conferences such as the 'Coca Cola Youth Speak Forum' held at Nashik, 2017 and is also the brand ambassador of India for 'Host Your Voice'. He's also a contributor to international publications like Thrive Global, KivoDaily, Better Days Global and others.