I did it.  I have gone back to my personal trainer.  I have been furiously working for 2 years to build my online coaching business and guess what? 

I did it!  I hit the magic number of ‘a six-figure income’  but my income wasn’t the only figure impacted by my success.

Let me turn back the clock a few years.  I have ALWAYS been a fitness enthusiast and used to be a fitness instructor some years ago.  Fitness and good health have always played a massive part in my life.

That is until I started working around the clock to build my online business. Oh yes, it looked like an easy ride, promote your courses, everyone buys them and BOOM make lots of money.

Once I got immersed in the underworld of funnels, and ads, and mailchimp and content creation- well, frankly, a monster was created.

I could not pull myself away from my laptop except for bathroom and food breaks.

I actually recall it was December 2017 and during the period between Christmas and New Year I barely got out of my pajamas for a 10 day period.  I decided that the HUSTLE was too important and I stayed focused on a book I was writing at the time.

I recall thinking ‘ I better not make missing the gym into a habit’. But I did.  I started to let my running and visits to the gym diminish while I opted for building my business.

I felt the weight creep up, but I told myself it was ok, not too bad- YET.

There comes a time when after you’ve worked yourself to exhaustion that you stop and think what have I achieved?

Financial success? Yes!

Work satisfaction? Yes!

An extra 20 lbs in weight? Yes!

The moment in time I recall most is when I got on the scale and longed to see the number that used to make me think I was fat. Now I was 20lbs beyond that. I was the biggest I have ever been in my adult life except for my pregnancies.

So I stopped, reassessed and refocused.  It’s great having a business I love, but this is the one and only body I have.

So, I have embarked on a mission to restore this old girl to her former glory.

I choose now to take breaks and prioritize my health and fitness before I begin work. I make sure my workouts are in my diary or I can easily forego them.

I have opted to make my health my number one priority, a risk to my health is simply not an option. So, I  am now 15lbs from my target weight.

Why am I sharing this? Because I understand that to grow a business means total immersion, but total immersion should always include fitness and health and part of the growth process.

 So dear startupreneurs, as you embark on this journey to online success, know that when you are working on your mindset that it is not only what you SAY that impacts your outcome, it is also what you DO.

Your business is your personal design so make sure it includes looking after yourself and staying in tip-top shape.  Gotta run- got bodypump in half an hour….