You must be thinking ‘this is crazy!’ For the first time when this occurred to me, I spoke the same words, with infact a laugh. I had read, seen and experienced many ‘things’ with meditation ever since I got to know about it. And it was only last year that I started meditating myself.

The lifestyle that we lead comes with a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to our health. Not eating on time, not eating right, not moving at all, wearing tight clothes for hours, sitting wrong, and the list goes on. Women obviously, have much more to look after when it comes to their personal health and well-being.

Where on one hand my work gave me immense satisfaction, independence, success and money; on the other hand, before I realised it, I was slowly ruining my health. It came to me last year when my body started to miscalculate the menstrual cycle. Initially I thought this was ‘normal’ and that ‘my body must be going through some hormonal changes’. And I was right! Yes, it was going through hormonal changes but not the positive ones. I had fallen prey to an unhealthy lifestyle without me even noticing it. Stress at work, skipping lunch, having a late dinner, and eventually sleeping late. But little did I know that these were not the only factors responsible.

I also realised that from a completely painless period (so much so that I wouldn’t even have the tiniest of hints that I might have started bleeding), I had gone to having cramps when my cycle started. Thankfully, I controlled the situation before it got worse when my cycle went from getting delayed by 3-4 days to 10-15 days. I was really worried by now and as someone who was more inclined towards spirituality than medicines, I started to look within. It wasn’t easy and I was fearful. But one day I summoned courage and sat in my meditation. I slowly asked my cycle ‘what are you trying to teach me?’ The answer didn’t come the first day but I knew I will have it soon. I increased my meditation from 10 minutes to 20 minutes a day and kept asking my cycle what was it that I needed to know in that moment.

And as I meditated more and more, one sudden day, a memory of a really bad relationship came as a motion picture in my meditation and I had a totally unintentional feeling of disgust. It was not an emotionally fulfilling relationship. I realised I had reduced my self-esteem to zero during that time and had absolutely stopped making me my own priority and that memory still lingered in my subconscious. I also came across ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay and in that I read that when we have any problems with menstruation or PMS, it is due to, in her own words “… power to outside influences. Rejection of the feminine processes.” I didn’t quite understand it in the beginning. However, as I meditated further, I started seeing more and more such memories of relationships where I had given my power completely to the other person and I didn’t love myself anymore. The memories came from everywhere, from the last interaction with my boss where my work was rejected to a time which I wasn’t even aware existed in my subconscious. I was surprised at what my subconscious mind could bring me.

And as Hay stated the remedy in her book, I started saying to myself “I take charge of my life. I am a powerful dynamic woman. Every part of my body functions properly. I love me.” And in just a couple of months, my period was right back on track, without taking any medication whatsoever. I definitely do not suggest that you reject medical science and not get yourself treated if it is what you want to do. I only chose to trust my instincts to meditate first and then get it treated. But I didn’t have to. I was surprised to learn suppressed emotions could create such an imbalance in my cycle and that I needed to release those emotions as soon as possible.

Our mind is a powerful place. What doesn’t serve our mind anymore gets stored in the body and then manifests in the form of such and worse imbalances. Meditation is one such tool to look within and get in touch with our inner self, which by the way, knows all the answers. Just close your eyes and listen to your body. Sometimes, all it takes to come back to a healthy body and mind is to release emotions of anger, pain, rejection, jealousy and all the negativities you might have stored subconsciously. And it is never too late to start doing that. So, do it today. It is that time of the month 🙂