We are all aware of the current world scenario where almost all the countries are battling against the contagious COVID-19. The pandemic which was anticipated initially to last just for a few months has now engulfed half of the current year and we anticipate it will take many more months to bring back normalcy. In such a scenario, all of us have been pushed in a situation we never thought we would face, which has led to anxiety and affected not just our physical but our mental health. 

I consider myself a strong-headed person, but the pandemic broke me down to such an extent that I had to seek medical advice to stay sane. The following tips from an expert have helped me cope up with the anxiety and get my smile back.

1. Stretch and Exercise:

The best way to let go of any negative feeling is to exercise, which is known to release happy hormones and lift your mood. It will also keep you fit as you may not be able to regularly run outside or go to the gym.

2. Have a Virtual Party:

We, humans, love socializing which we are unable to do as we need to follow social distancing which is why throwing a virtual party online and enjoying a dance party with your friends and family on the video calls is a great way to socialize.

3. Video Call with Loved Ones:

If you are missing your family members who are in different states, you can always stay in touch with them with the help of video calls to feel closer.

4. Become a Master Chef:

As ordering food is not that safe now, many people are resorting to cooking at home with the help of YouTube videos to learn to cook new tasty dishes. It does not just help you pass time creatively but also lets your family enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal.

5. Play Games with Friends and Family:

Play board games with your family as it will not only help you pass time but also stay away from the screen for some time and enjoy some physical activity with others. If unfortunately, your family stays away from you then you can download online games and play along to spend some fun moments with them.

6. Organize Your Place:

As you have to spend the majority of the day locked inside your house, a cluttered and unorganized home is only going to add on to the negativity hence start organizing your house. De-clutter and clean the home regularly so that positivity radiates in the house.

7. Learn Something New:

As we are so busy with our lives, most of us have no time to pursue something new or exciting. During the current scenario where most of us are working from home, we do have time to learn something new. Join an online course or use YouTube to learn something you have always wanted to learn.

8. Meditate and Reflect:

Meditation has an everlasting effect on your mind and as you feel more and more anxious listening to daily coronavirus news updates, meditating will help you relax your mind and take off the anxiety. 

9. Read!

Whether you read a physical book or an e-book using Kindle, it transports you into a different world and keeps your mind engaged and off the pandemic scare. This is a great way to occupy yourself and also grow parallelly.

10. Do Not Self-treat:

As most people are scared to visit a doctor’s office, they may ignore or try to self-treat. Remember, it is essential to take care of other medical health issues too, as coronavirus is not just the only illness you may catch. Most doctors are tele-consulting online, including dentists. To know more, read MouthWatch’s overview of teledentistry

10. Watch Stuff Online:

We may do all these self-learning and healing things, but you also need to entertain yourself, which is why subscribe to Netflix or any other streaming service. There are hundreds of content you can enjoy watching online alone or with your family.

Hope these tips help you get your smile back as well!!!