Sunrise on the North Side of Moneterey, California. Image by @picsbymo.motivatepictures

Enter a slow burn orange light
As I am called to wake from the dark
To build my spark
I was trying my best
As I looked West
To navigate 2020
That was not being so funny
With all it’s side curves,
wrenches, and unexpected turns…

But here I was
Having the pleasure of exhaling
Over the Ocean..

Poetry in Motion

And that night before,
I had had the chance
To kiss the sun goodnight
As it disappeared from the sky’s light
As it set on the horizon
An epic sunset for the ages
A beautiful goodbye as the moon engages
Oranges, red, yellows in all sizes
Pausing me for a moment in time
Reminding myself and the world
That everything is just fine

And as I faced West at 5:30am
Moving out of bed as the Ocean was calling me to wake
I stepped out onto the balcony hovering over the edge of the Earth
Reminding me of this planet’s worth
And of our own
For we are all pure gold
Of this concept I am sold
And I was called to stand
On the edge of this land
Wondering what this day would bring
As I look at the pretty horizon
It was time to get my rise on

And all of sudden what did appear?
Shocking me out of any & all fear?
But a tiny glow
A sun coming up to show
Me. One. Thousand. Affirmations

Without an annoucement
Without explanation
And I realized
To my surprise
That I was facing East
As I looked out on the sea
It’s all about perspectives you see

And witnessing a stunning sunrise
Where colors began to grow in the skies
Where time stood still
And birds soared in the stillness
They glided in the silence
In a world full of extreme quiet
A moment in time that moved scrumptiously slow
Looking out at the morning glow

What a joy I thought
What a true blessing
To be on the West
Looking West
Kissing a sun goodnight as it set
Yet hooking a left
In a quiet nook
In a corner room
Where that morning screamed BOOM!
“Hello Dear Jen
Here I am
You are facing East
I’m your reminder that wonders never, ever, ever cease”
And I caught my breath
And almost wept
At the beauty of it all
Life is so very vast
Day to day worries are so very, very small

We, will continue to rise
We, will continue to stand tall

What a blessing and a gift
This day that gave me a lift
Levitation unfolding
As I continue my remolding
A brand new day
To come my way


  • Jen Whitney

    CEO of Being Fierce

    Inspired and Inspire! Truth dweller of raw grit; exposed and naked on the page. Learning. Evolving. Emerging. What a ride! Co-parent to three. Director.  Poet. Writer. Space- Explorer. Transformed my life. Lost the mental weight, lost 60 pounds, created space, filled with self-love, now use the word impossible with caution. —— We are all worthy of self-respect and self-responsibility and we can prove it in our actions. Let's go get it!