When it comes to the topic of being contented, it is hard to gauge or to measure. It is the level of satisfaction of a person to an expectation, an outcome or just about anything. May it be the food that you ate at a restaurant, the dress or shirt that you wear today, or just about any decision that required you to choose something then came up with a result that your emotion is attached to it. 

Let us make things harder, are you satisfied with the person that you married? Are you satisfied with the job or business that you are doing? Are you happy with the way your friends treat you? Or simply say—are you contented with the way you are? Or maybe how you treat your self is the ultimate measurement of how contented you are with your life.

So, how did I live a life with contentment? I journal the things that makes me happy, I bullet everything, from the bonus I got from my job to the tip that I got from a client, to the smallest positive thing that happened that day. It creates a special connection of happiness and contentment. It made me forgot how badly I treat myself that specific moment, when for instance, I lost my job or I didn’t get the promotion that I was expecting and/or I didn’t hit home run in my business./It is a sad moment but I look back and think that I am still lucky because I have another day that I can get back up and look at my journal with such ease and confidence. 

Number two: I let go of an expectation. When I am gearing for a special move, for instance in my business, I missed the deal with a client-friend and I really got mad beacuse I feel neglected or unimportant. I quickly go back to the moments where we had a great time with each other and poof—my mood was okay again and I moved on so fast. In my job, I was expecting a bonus that I did not get, I set my mind to focus on things that are again, positive so that when the time comes where I feel that I deserve something but did not get, It is not a hard knock but a slight reminder.

To sum up, write down the things that make you happy, let go of expectations and stay positive. You may get a surprising twist in the end.