It’s not that good to reflect on something that you were not supposed to do the first instance that you thought you had done. The same thing applies to, suppose, being tactful and frugal—to live below one persons’ means. 

Unconsciously, we go for things and goods that’s on sale, not knowing that it isn’ in our priorities’ list. We go on shopping like there’s no tomorrow. I get things on sale if it fits my priorities list and I usually wear the same shirt to work from week to week, In that way, I practice being simple even the odds aren’t on my side and it requires great amount of self-control to deal with luxury.

One instance, I will ride a motorcycle rather than using Uber. I wear the same pair of earrings. I will walk myself the grocery that doesn’t require gas and an effort to drive—Bulleted iteneraries wherein I get to apply this practice. 

At the end of the day, I feel lighter, less guilty and I can breathe easily that I get to live with total simplicity.