What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning?
 I know, it depends on the day, but, in general, do you greet your day or dread your day?

My first thought is typically, “I wish I didn’t have to get up.”

For those of you who rise early and don’t even need an alarm, like my husband, and who are focused and efficient in the morning, are your early thoughts positive? Is there a point in the day when your energy changes and your thoughts creep over to the negative side?

I’m taking a closer look at my thoughts and I’m recognizing that starting each morning with the thought, “I wish I didn’t have to get up,” is not ideal. Fortunately, I just found a new mantra that I’m trying during my seven-minute snooze; I never go back to sleep anyhow. My first thought now is to repeat these words to myself:

“Just believe that good things are on their way, today and every day.” *

Anticipating good things every day, first thing, is kind of fun. A little like a game. I wonder what good thing will happen to me today? I’ve shared before how my family shares our Roses of the Day at the dinner table. I love this chance to reflect on the good in our days and here about everyone else’s roses, too. What I’m hoping to do with my morning mantra is to jump-start the day with good. Head into the day with the excitement that I have when I am about to go somewhere fun. A ski trip. Visiting friends or relatives I enjoy. Exploring a new place. I want to reclaim that sense of wonder I felt as a child, where so many good things caught my attention. Sure I notice sunsets and the play of light and flowers and moving water, but there is so much more wonder that most of us don’t notice enough. I aim to achieve that sense of wonder where I believe good things are on their way everyday. Even, and perhaps especially, on days where wonder and good is the last thing that life’s circumstances seem to present.

I may change up my morning mantra, but I like the idea of having a go-to positive saying and thought before my mind jumps to my to-do list.

Do you greet your day positively?
Do you have words or images that remind you to be positive and anticipate good things?

*Adapted Quote: I recently came across, “Just believe that good things are on their way, everyday,” as a contribution in a local, online contest called, “Ten Wise Words for Ten Years.” I loved the essence of the saying and a quick search showed that the contributor added “everyday” to an otherwise common saying. I love the concept of anticipating good things “every day” (should be two words in this usage, so really 11 wise words:). I added “today” to make my morning thought more immediate. Maybe you’ll come up with your own version.

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