Although I have not lost anyone to the pandemic, the sense of loss I feel right now and during the lockdown is indescribable, and I know this is a shared feeling.

Keeping it together during the utter chaos this pandemic has caused is a win for all of us, so we all deserve a pat on the back for how far we’ve come. 

The exhaustion from staying all day indoors and being cut off physically from my loved ones was excruciating.

Although I have lived alone for a few years and should be used to not seeing my family, the circumstances surrounding the lockdown lifestyle and the eeriness affected my mental health. 

It was a struggle keeping it together, but here I am, writing my story with a grin on my face. 

As I never thought I would one day have to write how I stayed sane because I wasn’t sure I could, I may have forgotten some of the things that helped.

However, I will try my best to recollect the most important ones and share how I maintained my mental health during the pandemic without friends and family.

Worked On My Room

It’s amazing how taking care of your room can lift your spirits – It certainly lifted mine. With everything spinning so fast, working on my room and my home, in general, made me feel productive and in control.

I used the extra time available to clean, declutter and organise my home. Besides, I also did a few repairs, and for those I couldn’t ‘DIY’, I had a professional do it for me.

As many businesses were on lockdown, I could only get a residential locksmith company to fix two of my doors before they went into total lockdown.

Staying Outside

Staying indoors during the lockdown made the insides of my home feel stuffy, no matter how spacious it actually is. I felt caged and unable to accomplish much most of the time, so I decided to go outside.

Of course, not outside where there are people, outside in the compound and around the house. Basking in the sun’s warmth and enjoying the gentle breeze in the evening with glasses of lemonade worked wonders.

Enjoying nature and listening to the friendly chirps of my local avian community had a positive impact on maintaining my mental health during the pandemic.

I admit it is better drinking with friends, but my dog was a worthy companion – so an honourable mention goes to Alien for that! 

Also, I created a few playlists and worked on my garden – two activities that offered my mind, body and soul lots of respite from traumatic stress.

Started an Exercise Routine

Besides helping me maintain my mental health during the pandemic, working out at home was also a great way to stay healthy.

There were a few apps where I found some useful resources that helped keep me in shape and my routine going smoothly. 

The exercise routine kind of stuck even post-lockdown, and it has been excellent for both my physical and mental health.


My friends always talked about how meditation has helped them even before the pandemic. 

However, I never understood how ‘sitting and just being silent’ had any effect on dealing with stress until coronavirus happened, and there was nobody to talk to.

Meditating was a highly effective way I dealt with anxiety during the pandemic. I also found that it not only helps to deal with stress and depression but is also a great activity for my heart.

My Library, My Friend

I read 133 books during the lockdown. I still don’t know how it happened, especially for a person like me who isn’t all that ecstatic about reading large blocks of texts. I probably won’t reread this when I’m done, haha.

There are loads of online resources with thousands of books available to reread. I broadened my horizon and read books that cut across several fields like medicine, engineering, business, and many more others.

Not only did reading keep my brain active during the pandemic, but it was also a great way to improve my knowledge and stay in the know.

There were other things I did here and there, but these certainly top the lot.

My Advice To You

The world is going through complete madness right now, so don’t be hard on yourself. You are doing just fine! If you are like me and haven’t seen your loved ones as much as you would love over the past year, I genuinely believe that will be over soon!

Please continue to stay safe and observe all safety protocols.