How to start finding the inner love for yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In college, I was the most outgoing human being-I went for everything and I accomplished everything. I never held any limited belief until I graduated college and felt my first real failure of a lost dream and that was to be a certain beauty queen and that was because of my body type, my age, and my height.

As someone who used to love to fight for injustices in this world, I couldn’t believe that I was rejected for simply being me.

However, it wasn’t until my pageant coach changed the way I looked at things and we all know when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

She asked me ‘Natasha, I love your body. Your body is beautiful but if you went to the doctor would they say that you’re healthy?’ My life changed right there and my imagination of me being in a purple gown on stage flashed before my eyes.

Confidently Healthy® was born.

What Confidently Healthy is.

Confidently Healthy® is the new way of living mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually a holistic way of living in the mind, body, and spirit through health and beauty.

We live in a world where they (outside sources) tell us (the feminine) how to be beautiful and when to be beautiful but Confidently Healthy® rejects that and approaches health and fitness as a celebratory way of living and enjoy our health and beauty as the divine feminine nature than we are. 

WE ARE FEMININE CREATURES and it is time that we celebrate and honor everything and honor all of it.

We all want prosperity, financial abundance, and relationships but unless we are mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually stable Confidently Healthy® within our selves we will never be Confidently Wealthy®. 

You must begin to change your beliefs and believe in your imagination-it is the preview of your life’s coming attractions.

Changing your body image begins with your beliefs.

What are you believing to be true to yourself that you are calling into your life? 

I CLEARLY remember feeling the feeling sitting in that bikini overweight 50% body fat KNOWING this is not what I was calling in for my life; I wasn’t being the best version of me in my life or my business.

Your reflection of yourself is usually 100% carried on your body-what are you calling and putting it onto yourself today?

What are believing to be true for you today, for yourself, for your life? Do you think that if you implement things that show yourself like a peacock daily that you’re going to stay stuck?

Things don’t work that way. Just like lifestyles don’t work that way. 

Changing your body image begins by taking daily consistent action toward looking at what hurts you and looking at your pain. If it comes from your mom, your dad whoever looks at it and forgives it.

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness means compassion and empathy sometimes it even means grace and love.

That starts with you by forgiving letting that person hurt you and letting that person into your subconscious brain. You can start unpacking that by enrolling in this challenge here

Ignore the negativity it is simply not true.

Whatever this person has said about you is a direct reflection of themselves, not you however, your health has to come from you; your mental health has to come from you, just as your physical health has to come from you, your spiritual health has to come from your and your emotional health as to all come from within.

When are you going to stop letting people control you? The media, your parents, people’s reflection of the society of what is beauty because here is the thing- my 25% body fat (which is perfectly healthy) which is what I teach inside my Confidently Healthy® course is perfectly fine for me but may or may not be perfectly fine for you.

We are culturally different but culturally the same because we all go through the same emotions, and triggers to go through this thing called life to find love and that love is within ourselves.

Today, I hope that you find that love within yourself-the Confidently Healthy® way.