The pandemic came with so much chaos and uncertainty that staying alive and sane at home is a big win. 

With not much to do besides working remotely and counting the minutes as they slowly drift by, I made a number of home improvements during the pandemic.

Home improvements became necessary when I realised we could be staying indoors for a long time. It not only increased my home’s value but improved my productivity and enjoyment.

I will like to share some of the ways I have been able to continue working and spend more time with my family at home during the pandemic.

  1. I Created A Workspace

It was a challenge to keep my work, and home lives separate during the pandemic. Therefore, I had to create a designated workspace that served as my office, so I built a garden home.

A garden home was a fantastic place to continue working from home, a great escape from the stuffy indoors, and a pleasant way to make my home’s exterior a liveable space.

It served as my office and sitting down inside signalled to my brain the time had come to focus. This worked well as I became more productive.

Building a garden home was also an excellent way to increase my home’s aesthetic design.

  1. Added a Decking Area to My Yard

Another remarkable way I improved my home experience during the pandemic was by building a decking area in my garden. 

The garden became a great place to kick back after working all day in my garden office, relax and enjoy the outdoors with my family.

A grill in the corner and a fire pit meant I could remain outside for as long as I wanted, eating and basking in the soft breeze.

The time I spent at home during the lockdown also made me realise the elegance of composite decking. 

I chose wood composite not only because of their ultra-low maintenance and durability but because they are also eco-friendly.

The vibrant colours and natural look of a composite decking area also mean I got to add a few $$$ to my home’s value and improved curb appeal.

  1. Gardening and Landscaping 

Planting some herbs and vegetables in my garden was a great way to minimise my grocery store trips. I now use some of these veggies in my daily cooking.

Gardening also ensured I kept my home kempt, and it was the ideal activity to reduce the tension, frustration, stress, and anxiety that the pandemic brought.

I also spent more quality time with my family and taught the children a thing or two about their responsibility to the environment.

  1. Gazebo with a Bird House

A garden gazebo sounds like an unnecessary luxury, but contrary to many opinions, it is a great way to improve your house and spend more time at home.

To make the kids happy, I installed a birdhouse into the structure. A garden gazebo offers another place to relax, and it is a great contingency plan in case you are having a pleasant time with the family, and there is slight inclement weather.

It also means my family and I could weed and cultivate the garden to the sound of friendly and beautiful chirps from our local avian community.

The gazebo offers more options for a relaxation spot with the family, and the birdhouse is for added aesthetics and the children’s pleasure. 

  1. Outdoor Accessories

Several outdoor area accessories ensure you can enjoy living at home a lot more. 

Flowerbeds, wind chimes, and bottle lanterns are some of the many accessories you can consider adding to your home.

You may also consider adding DIY water features like a pot fountain, a mini pond for the kids to play with and grow fish, and a mini oasis.

  1. Drive-In Movie for the Kids

Who needs a drive-in movie when I can make one for the kids? ☺ I turned a large cardboard box into their car. With a cushion inside and some snacks, they could watch a movie all from the comfort of their ‘car.’

To make it better, I allowed them to paint and customise the car to their preference.

The idea of all these was to ensure the time my family and I spent at home was thoroughly enjoyed and productive with little or no need to go out.