This year I have been training for 2 main races a Half Ironman in June, and an off Road triathlon in July. It is looking increasingly unlikely that these events will go ahead.

So how do you adjust to having your goals taken away?

At first, I was still hopeful that these events may still happen, but now, in the second week of lockdown I understand that they will probably not go ahead. It’s important to get to a place of acceptance first, and then you can adjust your goals and habits.

What is your why?

The reason that I compete, is to perform at my best and to be fit and healthy. I enjoy the feeling of being strong and fit, so that is a good motivator for me. If your goal is taken away then you need to think about why you set that goal. Some people really enjoy the community side of triathlon, so they have been organising virtual meet ups. Some people want to stay fit, so they may be able to find other creative ways of staying fit.

Find your focus

My focus has shifted from building up my training, to maintaining my fitness, and using the time that I exercise to de-stress. I am thankful that I can still go out and enjoy the outdoors, and I have also set up a free strength and conditioning Zoom meeting, so I can interact with other people who are training. Everyone needs some kind of purpose and goal, and even though you may have missed out on an important event this time, there will be others that come your way.

Reflect and reframe

If you are at home now, you will have more time to reflect on your priorities and goals, and to revisit if they are the right ones for you. You may even find that you were doing things before that didn’t serve you. You can let go of that now, and move forward with a clearer idea of what your priorities are. So take each day as it comes, revisit your goals, and show gratitude for all the things that you CAN do.