Every person in this world has their own low point and struggles. When life keeps pilling up with problems one to another, it definitely shook us off our seats. In the face of massive problems, it’s natural for anyone to feel defeated, frustrated, and desperate for a way out.

But we all know well that we don’t grow when things are easy, but we grow when we face challenges. I always believe, life does not happen to us, but it happens to us and for a reason.

Through years of life struggles, I learned that acknowledging our disappointment is important to build our way forward, even though it sounds silly and feels impossible at the time. But it works for me, at least.

Acknowledging the problems will bring our state of mind to awareness, and addressing the feelings helps us ground ourselves to refocus on finding the solutions. When we do that, we ask our brain to see through the lens of learning or growth opportunity than the situation itself.

No doubt many will say, of course, it is easy for someone to say that. You are not in my shoe. But I do believe that everything is Solvable.

I learned over the years is when things go wrong, and out of our control, the only thing we can do is to face it, contextualize what actually happened, and then choose to respond to that experience.

I learned to create a powerful mantra, practical and actionable mantra as a reminder to myself. The life preserver approach helps me recognize I and I alone are in charge of assigning meaning to any event.

  • Life happens for me and not to me: Life will not always go as plan; there is always something we can learn, become stronger and gain wisdom (a perspective from by just knowing everything happens for a good reason). Every challenge, obstacle, and unfortunate situation contains the potential for positive growth if we’re willing to look for it.

  • Everything is Solvable : This is a positive phrase I live, breath and use it daily. Having the growth mindset is adopting the core belief that nothing is unsolvable. It allows you the sense that everything is figureoutable. It is a practical, actionable mantra that reminds you that you can trust yourself enough to know that you have what it takes to find your way forward.

  • Every dream ahead lies challenges and growth: Life challenges are never predictable and will always be unfamiliar. Step out from your comfort zone, face the fear and get comfortable being uncomfortable. It is the only way to learn new skills, develop new perspectives, and acquire new capabilities (our growth). ). Over some time, mastering our place in the uncomfortable zone will become our new comfort zone. And we become stronger and wiser and capable of achieving desirable results.

  • Clarity born through insights: Overthinking and dwelling in analysis and paralysis syndrome will only make us indecisive and will only put us in a frozen mode and ended up freezing us. The longer we hardwire on the hell of indecision, the strong our neural pathway gets. To stop the surge, the best way around is to come face-to-face and engage the situation with an actionable plan (either talk to someone or re-wire your thoughts through a journal or even get expert help). A little small action daily will gain you into your next steps of actions which could be your long-term solutions.

The secret to powerful reminders is they hold the hidden gift of growth. They will help you lower your stress, regain your superpower, and call forth the strengths you need to move forward.

Hold on to these mantras and embrace them next time when you need to overcome challenges. Train yourself to find the gift of growth in any and every challenge. It will definitely help you to recharge your mental to optimism.