The present contagion in the world has impacted the lives of everyone. Some are counting the last days of their life while others are suffocating out of stress at home. With all these deleterious impacts and a lot more, I see a lot of positivity in it.

I have learned a new meaning of life after casting my eyes on the often unattended, yet extremely vital aspects of life. Today, I am going to share my findings with you. I believe it is my duty to share the positive side of the spiraling crisis and let others learn from it.

Let us have at a look at my perspective of viewing things:

My Connection With God

Twinkling glamour and luxuries are what we all want these days. Unfortunately, we are so lost in our materialistic world that we have forgotten our Creator. The glittering world has grabbed us so tight that we find no way to resume our connection with God.

In these days of lockdown and quarantines, I have learned what inner-peace is. This self-isolation has taught me about the benefits of meditation. Now, I have learned to have a peaceful sleep and my bond with the creator is getting stronger. Medications and therapies can never alleviate the stress levels, which this connection can. 

Spendings For Luxuries

In a span of fifteen days, I have learned a clear difference between basics and luxuries. We all are so much involved in this modern world that we have forgotten to distinguish between what we “want” and what we “need”. When I saw people struggling for food and groceries, I made a small effort to help them out. This made me realize that their whole month’s grocery is equal to the cost of my single dress.

This left me wondering how selfish I am. When I saw a family of five living in a single room, I questioned myself about my investments and savings. A group of four was sharing from a single meal, this made me realized my spending in cafes and hotels.

During the current days of lockdown, I have experienced that happiness does not depend on luxuries. We keep on hustling for the best and make our lives miserable in doing so. We can have a more relaxed and contented life by cutting down our spendings.

Health Is Wealth

The Wall Street Journal reported that a healthy lifestyle is mandatory to combat the current virus. I remember all those excuses that I used to make at the breakfast table. But today, I am highly thankful to God that I have nutritious food to fill my belly.

I have realized that my addiction to junk food is going to give nothing good to me. Today, I can admit that my mom insisting upon consuming healthy food was a blessing for me. Thus, I have already made a lot of changes in my diet for boosting my immune system. Since there is no replacement for health, I have decided to stay firm in my decision of healthy eating.

Family Is Life

At this time when the whole world is maintaining social distance, our family is there by our side. During these days of lockdown, I am spending a lot of time with my family. Though the world is facing a chaotic situation and everyone is stressed out, my family is there to provide moral support.

The last day when I was depressed after hearing the news bulletin, my mom came to console me. I was concerned about the decreasing sales of my business. My digital marketer was neither available online nor attending my phone call. This was taking away my breathe since I made a hefty investment in this business. Then, my brother came in to guide me by sharing advice with me on the latest digital marketing tactics. Within a week, I experienced a positive result and thanked my brother for his support and assistance.

Precaution Is Better Than Cure

This catastrophe made me learn that taking precautions is essential in every aspect of our lives. When I was a child, my mom did not give me permission to go outside during the allergy season because I am an asthmatic patient. I always thought that I am a grown-up girl and all my friends go wherever they want.

When I am looking at the new cases of coronavirus with each passing day, I am realizing the importance of precautions. Yesterday, when I heard that seven people from a single family were quarantined just because one family member went outside and caught the virus, it really hit me.

I think that self-quarantine is the best way to keep ourselves safe from this pandemic. I used to have such an attitude in life that precautions are just hindrances.  The job for which we are putting our lives at risk sure feeds us. But taking precautions is, no doubt, of utmost importance.