You don’t think that you are a big deal. But GUESS what? You ARE, your talents are and when you get to valuing yourself in all ways, so will everyone else! We spend a lot of time downplaying our strengths because our strengths come easy to us. Many times, we pay attention to our weaknesses — so much so that we get or keep ourselves stuck.

But, our strengths don’t come easy to everyone else — and that is why it is so important to bring them out into the world to share. Doing so can be scary as hell.

What keeps us playing small in our life? What keeps us from not showing up fully and powerfully? What keeps us from allowing joy into our life? What is keeping us in STUCKSVILLE?

Fear. That’s right — F.E.A.R!

Even when we do not feel like it’s fear, it is and THIS is how it might be showing up in your life:

  • Wondering if you are on the right track (even when ALL signs are pointing that you are), so you procrastinate taking action towards your dreams.
  • Incessantly “researching” for your business, which allows us to procrastinate showing up fully and powerfully for yourself.
  • Waiting for confidence to come before you start taking action. This one is SO huge because it is where many women get caught up. Gaining the courage to take action (ie: bust through fears) allows us to tap into confidence. SOOOOOO, you gotta start moving and see what comes up (for healing) if you want to access that confidence. Confidence comes with experience.
  • Being afraid to be rejected or shamed by another person (often times those closest to you), so you hide or compartmentalize parts of yourself. One of the biggest mistakes I see women making (I have done it too!) is to dim down parts of themselves so that others feel more comfy. We, as women, are hardwired for wanting people to like us or wanting to make people happy. When we do so, we shut off parts of ourself that are key factors to our authenticity.
  • Thinking that whatever it is you are bringing forth should be hard and arduous — that for some reason — you cannot allow success and joy to happen if it is coming easily to you. #guilty
  • You allow some success and joy into your life only to have a negative experience happen that makes you question your path — so you slow down and lose momentum.
  • Sometimes these steps are a continuous cycle and that can cause major frustration and overwhelm — it even might cause you to give up.

I have had experiences with all of these (and more!). Whenever I would find a shred of courage, something would happen that would prove to me (in my mind) that whatever I was moving towards was NOT going to work out in my best interest and I would stop taking action. BAM — and I am on the train to STUCKSVILLE (or it is possible that I never gave myself a chance to leave!)

But, the desire to serve would still burn, so I would start out again, maybe move a bit further and then get slammed back into the box (of my mind) feeling even more discouraged than before. My confidence levels were so low, I truly thought that maybe the purpose that I thought that I had really did not exist.

That’s when a friend of mine gave me a copy of The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. The Universe always gives you what you need and is always timed perfectly for us. By reading this book, I found that old patterns from my life were keeping me from ALLOWING joy and success to come into my life in greater and greater amounts. It was as if I would only allow a certain amount of joy in before mistrust happened and then I would slam the door at the Universe as well as any new opportunities to share my gifts with the world.

Have you experienced this? Here are some quick tips on moving through lack of trust so that you can bring more joy (and success) to you:

>>>>> Identify the feelings and thoughts that you are telling yourself. Where and who in your life has these SAME/SIMILAR thoughts and feelings?

>>>>> Think about HOW many times you have cycled through these feelings?

>>>>>> Decide — is this true? FYI — it is probably NOT true — so the real decision is — DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE?

>>>>>> Take steps to heal that old energy so that you can move forward with more flow. One of my FAVORITE methods is using EFT. (Meridian tapping to heal energy!)

>>>>>> Journal around any memories from the past that are coming up that remind you of this current feeling/thought pattern.

>>>>>> Decide what steps can you take RIGHT NOW to start moving towards your dreams?

>>>>>> Trust that as you move forward and allow joy everyday — you will step into your authentic self allowing joy.

How are you allowing joy into your life? How are you avoiding the opportunity to shine?

Shine on, big and bright for the whole world to see.



Tracy Gromen is a Self Mastery Coach & Healer. She helps females with internal investigation which allows them to heal and release any fear around forward movement in their life. As they release fear, the gain the courage to implement their goals while keeping a harmonious family life.

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