I earlier talked about my source of optimism during these hard days, and many of you guys loved it. If you still haven’t read it, you can do it here.

Since I got so much appreciation and love, I thought of taking a step ahead and tell you how I spend my time during quarantine.

Guys, to be honest it’s not a fairy tale, instead, my life is swinging like a pendulum. I wakeup everyday, read new articles here on ThriveGlobal and see what’s going in the world.

I mean I just take a sneak peek of what’s trending, and you gotta do it too. As I said earlier, you don’t need to read news whole day, if it’s really crucial you will know it anyway(from friends or family).

Recently, I read one thing, and I am not so happy with it. It says that the employment rate we had in the U.S. pre-coronavirus will restore by 2026.

Yup, I got the same shocking reaction. So basically, it’s saying that the damage that coronavirus did to our economy in like 4-5 months will take six years to repair.

Those who understand what I am pointing to are some of the smartest people here. Yup, I am saying that getting jobs will be really hard once this stupid virus decimates.

So, we have to learn new skills to stand out from the crowd. What we were taught in the school and colleges were already outdated, and we knew it. Still, we got the job because there were a lot of opportunities.

Sadly, now the companies wants extraordinary people at no-so-extra-ordinary-salary, which really is devastating. And the worst part? We can’t do anything, no strikes, no demand, no nothing, because we know what’s happening to the economy.

I think the U.S. GDP was -11 point something the last time I saw it, which is simple words is very very less. The average was around 2.5-3 per year.

So, I am now learning new skills to make sure everything goes good and I land up a good job. Of course, I do some online earning, but it’s no so great plus my mom want to see me at a powerful position.

Currently, I am upgrading to Python as most companies are demanding it. Plus I am thinking of understanding Data Science and AI, which btw is amazing.

Guys, if you understand Data Science and AI, no body on this planet can refuse you a job as of now. It’s just amazing, and the best part? You can do it at home.

Apart from learning new skills, I do a lot of fun stuff. Of course, you can’t do hustle all day, your mind and body need rest.

Your work depletes not only your energy but creativity as well. So, if you don’t do other fun activities, well, you soon will becomes inefficient.

Now, let me tell you all those things that I do, so you can replicate or build your own time.

These includes painting(2 hours), games(1.5 hour), exercise(1 hour) and meditation(30 min).

Apart from a writer, I am an artist as well. I know most of you guys won’t believe it, but yeah, I am.

After tying a hell lot of types, I am currently settled at glow in the dark paint drawings. For the unknown, these are painting that are invisible in the day, but glow in the dark.

They have some phosphor pigments inside that help them glow. Making glow paint art isn’t that difficult, just grab your glow in the dark paint and start painting.

I do it like, 2 hours a day to make sure I remain creative as art is all about creativity.

For games, I prefer Pubg as it teaches us to stay focus, at least in the game, lol. And some brain exercise games as they make our brain active and thoughtful.

I do it around 1.5 hours in total, and nothing more. Remember, you have to play games for your advantage and fun, not time pass, so don’t exceed 2 hours if you really wanna be productive.

You can play other games if you prefer, just have an eye of the time.

Exercise, umm, that’s really important. Since we are trapped inside the home, we are eating more and working less. That not only make us lazy, but eventually will make you fatigue.

That’s why I workout every day to help me get in shape. Thank fully I was already fit before this pandemic occurred, but it will be way difficult for a lil fat buddies out there.

Maybe you can’t go outside to run, do pushups, crunches, pullups(if you have some place for it). After you eat food, do like 15 minutes of walk to stay in shape.

If you were hitting gym earlier, and have some protein, don’t take it. We are focusing on little exercise to stay in shape, not build Arnold muscles.

Now, the time period for exercise strongly vary. If you are a starter, even 10 minutes are enough, but if you are like me, have 1 hour at least.

Once you are done building physical muscle, focus on the mental muscle. Yes, I am talking about the best muscle in the body, the brain.

It’s supreme, and does all the things. And we have to make sure it works efficiently, so we can wake up everyday and work.

To make it efficient, you can do a lot of things, but meditation by far is the best thing. Just sit, relax, straighten up your back, and focus on the breathing.

No thoughts, no emotion, no nothing, just breathing, in, out, in, out, repeat. If you are doing it for the first time, do for 5 minutes and increase the time everyday.

If you just can’t focus, search on YouTube “meditation tune” and you will find a lot to use. Play one of those, and practice your thing.

And that’s it. That’s how most of my days went by. If you have any questions, do comment below.