I was sitting in the waiting room after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine when I suddenly felt heat running through my body like I had never felt before. The lady sitting next to me leaned closer to me and asked, “Are you feeling hot too?” I whispered “Yes” as I took my jacket off hoping to feel refreshed. Minutes later, I looked down at my clock and realized my 15 minutes of post-vaccine observation were up and I could go home. As I stood up and walked out of the waiting room, I could not believe I did it – I received the COVID-19 vaccine! That’s the last memory I remember until I woke up on a stretcher being rushed to the Emergency Room.

My life has not been the same since my I received the COVID-19 vaccine 2 months ago. Every day I struggle to get out of bed and I often crash around noon. I battle dizziness, extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and migraines on a daily basis. How do I remain present at work through this hard time? I focus on the problem I solve.

I devote my life to helping women who are having reproductive issues – and I see that as a bigger problem when compared to the health challenges I am facing. I make sure I am reminded of this problem everywhere I go. For example, the screen saver on my computer reminds me that 16.2% of married women have trouble conceiving, I have infertility books throughout my house, and I have a Facebook group with hundreds of women battling fertility issues. I am constantly faced with the problem I solve so I have to show up because I have to help solve the problem.

When those hard times come and you lose motivation, place constant reminders of why you do the work that you do all around you. Focus on the problem you solve and make it clearly visible.