You can fail at what you hate, or you can fail at what you love.

So, why not take a chance on what you love?

Mostly because it seems to good to be true. And, cliche. And also because we often feel bad getting paid to do what we enjoy. Work should suck at least most of the time, right?

Well, I am learning the hard way that work doesn’t actually have to suck.

It took me a major breakdown to stop doing the practical stuff that I hated and start taking risks doing what I loved instead.

And, I’ve realized that we actually can use our passion and our purpose to not only help others but to also make money.

Money is good. Getting paid to do what you love is a good thing. Not greedy. Not slimey. It’s just simply alignment.

We ALL have smaller purposes and bigger purposes.

Some of your small ones might be raising your kids. Helping a friend. Contributing to the success of the business that you work in.

But, then you have a bigger purpose.

I believe that somewhere in the infinite space and time, God said: “Who will go and stop the cycle of abuse and depression in this family?”

And I said, “I will go.” And, I went.

But I did it. I am a warrior. I went to battle, and I won.

And, I forever changed the trajectory of my families lives.

For generations, those in my family have dealt with addiction, alcoholism, depression, and abuse.

And, I stopped it.

Me. A woman. A petite, average, regular, normal, imperfect woman.

It’s done.

It will never touch my three daughters.

And not only that, I am now helping hundreds of other women overcome the very same thing.

So I stopped it in my own family. And, I stopped in others.

That was my pain. Now, that is my passion. That is my purpose. And, that is my payday.

So, what are you here for?

Use your deeper purpose to make an impact. That gut feeling that you have shouldn’t be ignored.

And, let the decisions that you make and chances that you take reflect your POTENTIAL, not your “What if?”

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