This is what I know to be true.

Life can be a beautiful journey or a painful struggle. The past few years have been life-changing as it relates to forging my own path and stepping out into the unknown and living life on my own terms.

Prayer is powerful, your thoughts create your reality, and most of what we learn in school and by society is a lie. When I was 12, I started tapping into what is now known as “the secret” aka the law of attraction.

At the time I had no idea what the concept was. However, as a kid, I use to lay on my back in my room and stare at the ceiling while using my imagination to visualize what I wanted. And this particular summer I wanted hair down my back my real hair. I laugh as I think about how trivial this was.

I confidently made a bet with my little sister that by the end of summer, my hair would be down my back. Okay, so you might be thinking yeah with upgrading or changing your hair products cutting off your dead ends, and eating healthy your hair will grow. Yes, all that’s true but I did none of there above.  All I did was constantly think about and say daily while picturing in my minds eye that my hair would be down my back. 

And boom!! End of summer, my sister had to pay up. Well, in this case, clean up my room for a month since she lost the bet. Once the results manifested. I went on to my next desire.  From age 12 until now I used this method. By the time I was 16. I started to level up and aim big. Yep!! You guessed it a new car was on the radar!

While walking to school daily I would car shop as cars passed me by. I would say to myself while using my imagination that I would have a new car with power windows and a fully loaded dope sound system.

Please keep in mind I had no money or job and from the outside looking in no possible evidence of getting this car.  Somehow 17 months later my brand new car off the showroom floor arrived. This went on for years and still applies to this day. I know for a fact and have plenty of evidence to the point I don’t really tell people all the magical things I’ve experienced. 

All due to the understanding and awareness of the power of imagination. Simply put your thoughts become your reality. So I wasn’t surprised but sorta kinda when I ended up creating a new path and becoming an A level tennis player on course to win a major tennis title. Although I never grew up playing tennis. One day in my adult life. I had a notion to start playing tennis. I loved it and focused my thoughts on becoming a Tennis Star! I’ve gone from a beginner to an A level player in a short amount of time. People thought I was crazy when I said I would be a living legend. And based on my track record. I will be re-sharing this story with the world soon! How I rose up and became a household name in tennis. So please let me know if you have any tennis connection/endorsements deals it’s on my radar!