The way we work is changing, and it’s never been more important for businesses to build trust and resilience within their workforce. That’s why Salesforce is bringing you, a source of solutions, products, services, partners, and expertise for working in the new normal. In this 5-part video series “How I Work,” Salesforce and Thrive Global explore the ways that different leaders and creators are adapting the way they work during COVID-19, and using technology to navigate challenges and plan for the future. 

With restaurants throughout the country shuttering for good because of the pandemic, Chef Roy Choi has found a way to keep his staff employed and continue feeding people the Korean BBQ he’s known for. He believes in a simple philosophy  that in times like these, giving back is more urgent than making money. 

Leaning on lessons gleaned from the financial crash in 2008, Choi is optimistic that the hardships affecting today’s food industry will pave the path for it to be more inclusive and community-focused in the future. Watch the full video above to hear Choi talk about giving as a business model, and how one Instagram post changed everything for him and the Kogi truck.