The way we work is changing, and it’s never been more important for businesses to build trust and resilience within their workforce. That’s why Salesforce is bringing you, a source of solutions, products, services, partners, and expertise for working in the new normal. In this 5-part video series “How I Work,” Salesforce and Thrive Global explore the ways that different leaders and creators are adapting the way they work during COVID-19, and using technology to navigate challenges and plan for the future.  

When violinist Lindsey Stirling landed in Colombia for her South American tour, she and her crew were told they needed to reboard a plane to fly back to the U.S. This was back in March, when the American public was first waking up to the realities of COVID. 

Unsure of what the future would look like, Stirling decided to leave Los Angeles and stay at home with her family in Missouri, where she found ways to connect with herself, her loved ones, and continue telling stories through music. Watch the full video above for an inside look at how Stirling created her makeshift studio out of dental floss, and how creating content during the pandemic has helped her become more resilient.