The way we work is changing, and it’s never been more important for businesses to build trust and resilience within their workforce. That’s why Salesforce is bringing you, a source of solutions, products, services, partners, and expertise for working in the new normal. In this 5-part video series “How I Work,” Salesforce and Thrive Global explore the ways that different leaders and creators are adapting the way they work during COVID-19, and using technology to navigate challenges and plan for the future. 

When gyms, restaurants, and other small businesses began to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, Emma Lovewell recognized that her way of working needed to change. As a senior Peloton instructor, Lovewell was used to teaching a room full of riders — and now that she couldn’t cycle with them in person, how would she create a sense of community during classes online? 

With the help of technology, she’s found new, creative ways to do her job and connect with others — all while maintaining healthy boundaries with social media. Watch the full video above to see how Lovewell engages her community, and how starting her morning free of technology is a key component to her success throughout the day.