The way we work is changing, and it’s never been more important for businesses to build trust and resilience within their workforce. That’s why Salesforce is bringing you, a source of solutions, products, services, partners, and expertise for working in the new normal. In this 5-part video series “How I Work,” Salesforce and Thrive Global explore the ways that different leaders and creators are adapting the way they work during COVID-19, and using technology to navigate challenges and plan for the future. 

As a person who creates in-person experiences for a living, Pinterest’s Judy Lee thrives off the great unveil: the moment when guests walk through the doors to your event for the first time and revel in the world you’ve created. But due to COVID-19 and restrictions on in-person gatherings, Lee, the Global Head of Experiential Marketing at the image-sharing platform, has had to rethink what it means to throw an enriching event — and she’s become a budding digital programming expert in the process. 

In the video above, Lee talks about how she finds inspiration when her typical sources — like going to museums, people-watching at restaurants, and traveling — are off-limits or risky, and how adopting a learning mindset is bringing her team closer together than ever before.