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This is it! This might be our new normal.

Virtual meetings, overloaded study tables and a chaotic imbalance between work-life understanding which tosses a smooth lifestyle out the nearest window.

As I navigate through every day, and do the same things when not weeks but months pass by in the wink of an eye, I have also come to realise the present time as a discovery of my own being. As I find it more and more important every day to take a PAUSE. And reflect, why I do what I do?

Am I paying something too much attention? Am I not giving myself enough attention? Is my social media updated or haven’t I shared an update from a pretty long time?

On my quest to answer the seemingly impossible and life-changing questions, comes the simple story of my exploration. Sharing with you the few things which help me cope.

Virtual Distancing: I dread the control we have given to our digital devices. I have a streamlined process to limit my access to the digital ecosystem. What we allow, will continue, they say. It starts with turning off notifications. The digital device today gives a lot more control to have an access for ‘downtime’, a phenomenon which tells the world and the device through which I’m connected to them that I want to use the time in question for being off the device. This is the ultimate paradox. A product which thrives in its value to keep you occupied with itself also lets you take some time off it. If you love someone, set them free, right?

Via Negativa: Do not Google this. It will lead you astray. Let me break this one down for you. Via stands for ‘life’ in Latin, and Negativa means ‘negative’. The essence of this philosophy says that more than knowing what to do, we must focus on what NOT to do. Let us see how doctors do this. Doctors ask for symptoms, prescribe medication and then do follow-ups. Overtime, their logic lies in eliminating the conditions that you do not have. Which leaves us with a couple of lesser but more plausible outcomes. As human beings, it is almost impossible for us to say No. But it is about time we redefine that. More than knowing what should be done in life, hold back and choose what you do not want to do. This will save a lot of your time and energy, trust me.

Going Out
: This one is the most controversial hence saved it for the last. As ridiculous as this may seem, but the comfort in my entire day comes when I go for my evening walk. Sporting all the critical accessories of a face mask and hand gloves, I go out every evening. Not too far off but yet ‘out’ enough. The feeling of breathing in outside every day and watching isolated cars drive by, gives me a sense of hope. A feeling that motivates me to see that tomorrow things will be better. Because, today is better than yesterday.

Is there anything creative that you do every day and want to share? Do drop me a message and I would love to hear your story.

Until then, wash your hands.