I know it has been ages that I made my presence over here and on Instagram. But I do hop now and then on your blogs. I cannot make myself write though I love reading your (in)fertility journey. You truly are fertility warriors, we all are.
I have mentioned in my last post regarding our IVF journey. Once you start walking on this journey there are many speed breakers, halts, red signals. It doesn’t happen like you are the driver riding a car in fast and furious movies.

how infertility feels like

Pricking (n number of times), scanning on various days of the cycle is never ending affair. It is tiring but we are taking it easy. Accepting what cannot be changed. Following as advised. Keeping our calm. 

Labeling an IVF journey as ‘stressful’ is cliche but true. It drains you emotionally and the wallet. We consulted with our RE in first week of Jan 2018 which was followed with blood tests, scans, semen analysis. The protocol of treatment doesn’t change even if I have Premature ovarian failure (POF). I am on estrogen and progesterone from Jan to regulate my menstrual cycle as I do not get my menses naturally. My ovaries do not like me anymore. 

It was stressful in beginning but I have accepted my condition and this has helped me in keeping calm. I may never conceive naturally but I am grateful to the fertility specialists and techniques to help me. 

Remember, your body is a temple. Respect it. Worship it. You are blessed with good health. Not everyone are.

how infertility feels

Breathe in and out. If you feel like shouting. Shout. If you want your spouse to know how angry you are, spill out the anger. But do not suppress that which is inside. It is difficult to share our feelings to our spouse when you are labelled as having infertility. But also remember, it might be hurting to him/her too. So the only way to lessen the burden is communication. If you cannot talk, write. Let those words flow on the paper. Trust me, I have done it and you might be surprised how the emotions are in sync. Non-communication can be the culprit to destroy relation. 

I give you my word that I will be sharing my entire IVF journey here soon. So buckle up, there might be showers of posts from me in your feed. 

Till then I am dancing to the rhythm of music I am obsessed on Amazon music.

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