I really believe that providing life-changing solutions or innovations that can be adopted by an individual into their daily habits is the key to business success’ says Ashton Jude, co-founder of Bath Box in Australia.

Founded in 2017, Bath Box is a multimillion dollar Australian company based out of Melbourne, Victoria. Initially offering a wide array of self care bath products, such as bath bombs, bath salts, bath soaks, and various bubble bath items, they have seen a surge of customer demand driven by the recent pandemic.

By bringing a wide range of bath relaxation and comfort products to the homes of millions of Australians, Bath Box provides a way for customers to experience true bath luxury in their homes.

Back in 2017, founder Hannah Pereira, originally from the USA, had a dream to share true bath comfort and luxury with all of Australia. This led to her handcrafting some of the first Bath Box products to be made, all from the space of her home garage. As her friends and family showed interest in her creations, she thought maybe others would feel the same, and she brought on partner, Ashton Jude, to help with the development of the Bath Box website and to help take the company off the ground.

Very quickly, Bath Box products went viral on social media, with millions of impressions on what became their two best selling products, the bath pillow and bath caddy. And so, what began as a hobby in Hannah’s home garage, grew into a multimillion-dollar Australian business with ambitions to sell globally over the next 12 to 24 months.

Bath Box, according to Ashton Jude, was one of the first shops to introduce these innovative bath comfort accessories to the Australian market, and still has a significant advantage over competitors in terms of product design and construction.

Bath Box takes pride in using natural ingredients, handcrafting its goods in their local factory in Melbourne, Australia, and only selling vegan-friendly and cruelty-free items.

With a variety of colors, perfumes, and biodegradable glitters, their bath bombs and bubble bath collections are elegant and exquisite.

Every product at Bath Box is designed and tested with the needs of customers in mind. They feel that putting their clients first has led to their rapid development and excellent success. According to Ashton, they keep their consumer feedback loop short and “listen to every bit of criticism, favorable or negative.” This helps them to fine-tune their product offers, enhance client service, and ultimately boost their profits.

Life may be difficult in today’s stressful and chaotic environment, particularly in recent years.

Bath Box continues to target this market with its product lines, giving a respite after a long, exhausting day. They allow you to relax at home, in the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom. And, as more Australian houses include a bath; this is a reality that will arrive rapidly, even for those who do not already have a bath.

Bath Box has had a lot of success in recent years selling Australia’s most popular bath pillow and bath caddy, with both goods becoming viral on social media. They’re one-of-a-kind, and there was nothing else like them on the market at the time of their release.

Bath Box continues to make significant investments in their social media following. Bath Box feels that having a strong and ever-improving, social media presence is critical as customers become more attentive of their shopping experience, seeking for customer reviews, comments, and even videos online before purchasing.

Bath Box posts all of their items on social media, making it simple and transparent for customers to review, evaluate, and analyze items.

It’s incredible to see how far Bath Box has gone in just a few years, and even more impressive to see how quickly the company has evolved.

Bath Box, led by strong entrepreneurs, has several expansion plans, with the ultimate goal of taking the company global, according to Ashton Jude.