Now that vaccinations are being widely distributed across the nation, the population is antsy with delight as they await their return to the outside world. Lockdowns have caused burnout and boredom as everyone sat at home for months on end. Additionally, companies are further incorporating remote work environments after realizing the benefits, forcing many workers to designate a place to spend the majority of their time. The new role for designers should be to create homes that renters desire to return to after their exciting venture outdoors or spaces that offer unique experiences in their new normal of working from home. 

There’s now a diverse range of renters to please, all trying to adjust to life beyond quarantine again. Our homes may still be our workplace, but will also need to be our respite. Multifamily communities must aim to provide convenient and flexible layouts that separate work from personal life, utilizing exciting designs and luxurious amenities.

Comfort and Functionality

As people still struggle to distinguish between their homes and offices during the work-from-home era, the significance of a layout that combines coziness and comfort is greater than ever. A living space that includes an immersive work-play-live experience will attract renters. 

Designers should strive towards a multi-functional home. Whether it’s a virtual conference call, a safe and vaccinated get-together, or a quiet night alone, there must be an area for each occasion. Unit configurations need to accomplish the delicate balance of work and play, while keeping in mind that it’s still a home. Optimize the available space through creating units for both work and living, as well as providing private and communal spaces–the role of traditionally separate enclaves like living rooms, offices and bedrooms should not be lost in design. Use partitions, divided walls and functional pieces like shelving units and entertainment centers to distinguish these areas. 

Subtle touches, such as smart home technology, walk-in closets, easily accessible charging stations, outdoor patios and balconies, large showers, and tasteful bathtubs, can elevate a renter’s experience. The last feature that can’t be forgotten is stable and high-speed internet access, which many are unable and unwilling to live without in the new remote lifestyle.

Excitement Through Design

It’s easy to decorate an area with drab neutral colors that mimic understated design and sophistication, but the new delegation of renters won’t endorse this theme. After being resigned to the same locale for months, they’re craving the thrill of refreshing and bold colors that’ll brighten their mood. 

Rather than painting the walls with a shade of white and adding beige carpeting that only exacerbates tenants’ boredom and daily monotony, designers should incorporate unique patterns and striking color schemes to liven up a space. Properties like Broadstone Archive that incorporate contemporary design elements, such as dark wood and black tiled floors, gleaming quartz countertops and a modern grey kitchen with elegant gold accents, or state-of-the-art appliances and well-crafted areas, address a renter’s every need. 

Blissful Distractions

States may be opening up, but there’s still a vast amount of uncertainty and stress, along with a number of traditional entertainment options like the movies, plays and more that are still shuttered. The best way to combat stress is through pleasantly distracting amenities, be it a thrilling community arcade or relaxing spa area.

Residents can step right outside of their apartment to find exhilarating activities to divert their attention and embrace fun and camaraderie. Amenities like these allow them to happily anticipate their return home. 

Don’t be afraid to explore the realm of possibility in terms of design. This new era is filled with unexpected happenings, and taking risks will grant you an edge over the competition. Be mindful of potential residents’ desires, but challenge yourself to craft amenities and styles that they’ve never even dreamed of. Build an experience that conveniences and captivates renters by uncovering the layout where work and play are in equilibrium.