Motivation and inspiration

You are probably baffled about how being motivated is different from being inspired. Both drive you to do more and be more productive. They are very similar to the point where people focus solely on motivation because it gives them more immediate results. This mindset is more prevalent in the workplace, where employees who don’t love their job still do it because they have to.

So what? They earn money. They have their own house and car. You might think that, but without inspiration that does not rely on material things, you cannot really define success. What exactly are the roles that motivation and inspiration play in leading you to real success?

Motivation, Inspiration, and How They Are Different

There are crucial things that distinguish motivation from inspiration. Motivation is a fleeting rush of energy to complete tasks that usually come from external rewards such as money, fame, and recognition. You might not be interested in your job, but you do it anyway since the compensation is compelling.

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, only 15% of employees are engaged in the workplace. This means that only a small part of the workforce is inspired to do and excel at work.

Inspiration, as derived from the previous statistic’s context, is stimulation from an internal source that gives what you do a purpose, keeping you invested. People struck with afflatus tend to have increased efficacy in the workplace. Better yet, when you are inspired, you are more likely to get motivated not just for what you can get from a task, but because you’re genuinely interested in it. This kind of motivation greatly resonates with inspiration.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is doing something because you enjoy it, not because of any external reward for accomplishing it. It is usually distinguished when a certain activity you do is mainly personally rewarding. A great example of this is charity drives or doing hobbies.

“Intrinsic motivation is such an important part of success. It’s what allows you to develop your passions and goals based on YOU and not outside sources.”

It’s important to seek out a more genuine drive to succeed. In doing so, you’re able to feel a sense of meaning and purpose, especially if you finish a task more efficiently.

Sparking the Right Motivation

Success requires constant hard work. In order to constantly work hard, we need to spark motivation, which comes from inspiration. If you’re having a hard time trying to get yourself motivated, look for the fun, sense of meaning and purpose, and challenge what you do.

Oftentimes, in reflection, we find our strongest inspiration and the reason why we hustle. To spark the right motivation, your goals must be inclined to internal success—one that inspires you to be a better person in order to fulfill your purpose and help others on the way.

Why it is crucial to understand how inspiration and intrinsic motivation work hand in hand for you to succeed is because these are more stable sources of energy to fire you up and lead you to a more productive day. More importantly, money, power, and fame are fragile frameworks of success. If you let these be your perseverance’s backbone, you are more likely to fall victim to your own negative behaviors, such as the lack of sympathy for other people, as long as they help you accomplish your goal.

Remember that real success is how much you have learned and how many people you have touched and inspired.