For decades hair has symbolized our identity and a high level of sexiness. It sends a message to others and most of all it makes us feel good about ourselves.  Many say it is the crown of glory, representing a symbol of our youth.

Hair symbolizes physical strength and virility.  The virtues and properties of a person are said to be concentrated in their hair. It is a symbol of instinct, of female seduction and physical attraction. Some cultures suggest baldness as a sign of sterility.

The majority of women around the world consider hair and hairstyles as an expression of beauty, confidence, and personal style.

Do you know how many women suffer from hair loss?

Sadly, 21 million American women currently suffer from some form of alopecia. 12 percent of women with hair loss pursue restoration treatment, as compared with 20 percent of male alopecia sufferers. 80 percent of women experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 60. 40 percent of all alopecia patients are female.

Most people don’t realize how many millions of women suffer from hair loss.  When you think of hair loss you immediately think of men but in actuality, the number of women suffering from hair loss, balding, and hair thinning isn’t too far behind.

What does hair loss do to a woman’s emotional well-being?

Hair loss not only robs a woman of her sense of style but oftentimes her sense of self-esteem and her security — it can be very devastating,” says Michael Reed, MD, a New York University Medical Center dermatologist who specializes in female pattern hair loss.

How can you improve low self-esteem caused by hair loss?

Self-esteem is linked to how good you feel about yourself and how well you value yourself.  Building self-esteem is the first step towards happiness and a better life.  Self-esteem increases your self-confidence.  If you have confidence, you will love yourself and begin to respect yourself.  If you respect yourself you can respect others, improve your relationships, your achievements and your happiness.

Building self-esteem is the first step towards a happy, healthy, and productive life.  Yet having low self-esteem is perhaps the most common flaw of our humanity. Having self-, esteem will help build your confidence. If you have self-confidence, you will feel self-worth and respect yourself as a person.

If you respect yourself you can respect others, improve your life by improving your relationships with your loved ones, friends and co-workers. You will be able to achieve your goals in life and obtain true happiness in your life.

It is not easy to improve your self-esteem.  As with most efforts of change, you get out only as much as you put in.  Determination is very important.  It will take time; you may be able to see quick improvements by making small changes in your thinking. 

To make permanent changes you have to work hard and continue in your hard work.  Building self-esteem is one thing but keeping a high level of esteem requires that you use the things you learn in this article and make them a part of your life.  Low self-esteem can cause people to develop depression, unhappiness, insecurity, and a poor confidence level. When you have low self-esteem ever little mistake that occurs in your life is taken to heart.

The first stage of developing strength is learning to love yourself and the way you look. You need to learn to be grateful for everything you have in life, including your hair. You need to let go of all those angry emotions inside caused by your hair loss. Holding anger or anxiety inside yourself will not help you, it will only hurt you. The past is the past.  You can only change the present.  Love yourself by accepting your hair loss. You need to think positively.

To live with a happy state of mind, you need to have high self-esteem. You need to feel that you are no different from anyone else and that you can be the person you set in your mind to be. You need to reconstruct your way of thinking. 

How can you improve your emotional well-being?

Today I would like to discuss how women can cope with the distress of hair loss.  Hair loss can dampen a woman’s self-esteem, cause depression, and take away her sense of self-worth.

If you have a lack of self-esteem you’re not going to want to help yourself.  Many women are embarrassed to get help.  They don’t want to talk about but yet they hate having the condition.  Also many women I talked to have given up.  They have tried one or two things and they are done.

There is still hope ladies.  You are a beauty individual and what matters is not what is on the outside but what’s on the inside.  The first step is to love yourself.  You need to feel good about who you are as a person.  Once you accomplish this you will feel good about who you are as a person and you will fill life you can tackle any obstacle that comes your way.  Including hair loss.

To begin the healing process you need to develop strength, wisdom, confidence, and knowledge. If you can develop these qualities, you will achieve all your goals and dreams. First, you must focus on the goals and dreams you want to fulfill. I am going to teach you the true meanings of having strength, wisdom, confidence, and knowledge. I will help show you how to obtain and use them. These four steps will help you live a happy life and gain high self-esteem.! Below are four steps to high self-esteem.

Here are 5 ways to cope with hair loss to improve your self-esteem…


The development of strength in the inner body begins in the mind. The inner body is our mind, soul, and spirit. How we think and program our minds to work, helps us build mental, physical and spiritual strength. Our strength comes from how we feel about ourselves.

The higher our self-esteem, the stronger we feel and in turn, we can do more for ourselves. Yet, if you have the strength and motivation, you can make the present anything you want. To free all the negative emotions that are holding you back, you have to say to yourself.

I accept myself for who I am and that I am unable to change the past. Nevertheless, I can change my future because I love myself and refuse to hurt myself by drowning in my own self-pity. You cannot rely on others.

In addition, you need to learn to rely on yourself. You have to believe in yourself, develop a sense of pride in yourself. It does not matter what others think about you, what matters is how you think about yourself.


The second part of the process of change, being open-minded to suggestions others may give. We may not always agree with other people’s suggestions, yet it is always wise to listen to what others have to say.

Some individuals may try to be controlling and may get frustrated if we do not act on what they have to say. You should to set these people straight and tell them. I will listen to what you have to say,  however, that does not necessarily mean I am going to agree with you.

I have my own mind, too and I need to do what is best for me. We learn from each other and we acquire knowledge from the world around us that we should pass along to others by helping them. We need to take our experience and use it in our present life now, including the mistakes we have made in life.

The mistakes we have made are where we get most of our knowledge that helps us become stronger individuals. What weakens us when we repeatedly make the same mistakes? Do not pity yourself for the imperfections you have on the outside.

Studies have shown that people who have negative attitudes are more like to live chaotic lives. They are more likely to become mentally or physically ill with extremely debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. Many people have a hard time focusing on the positive because they allow their negative sides to consume them.

Taking what you have learned and using it to help others is the best therapy. When you help, you feel a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. You are overlooking any negative characteristics because you are too busy focusing on helping others’.


Confidence comes from our self-esteem. To have high self-esteem we need to feel good about ourselves, to get to this point in life you need to begin by starting to do things in life to make yourself happy by focusing on the future, creating direction in your life. Begin by planning short and long-term goals for yourself and confidence level will rise.  It worked for me. When I started accomplishing some of my short-term goals, I had more self-respect. I developed a greater sense of pride and my inner strength and self-worth increased.


Your wisdom comes from your sixth sense. We all have five senses, our sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, yet I believe the wisdom to be our sixth sense. Wisdom understands the inner signals and the directions that your body sends out to you, becoming aware of what your body is trying to tell you.

Your sixth sense always leads you to the right answers. It is up to us to learn to understand our inner self (spirit) and to follow the signals it sends out to us.  Listening to what our inner self has to say is essential. For example, have you ever felt like you had a feeling something was the right thing to do?

You need to learn to understand your mind, so you can understand your inner soul and all the wonderful things it is capable of doing. When we listen and act on the signals of our body, it gives us a stronger understanding of our body as a whole.

Spiritually you can give your body what it needs.   We feed our body food to survive on a daily basis. Spiritually we need to feed our body with love, understanding and different forms of relaxation, such as meditation.

I strongly suggest to everyone that you start with at least five minutes each day with some type of relaxation exercise. Either in the morning when you start your day, the afternoon if you are able to or at night before bed to release the tension that has built up throughout the day. Each week you should add five minutes until you get to an hour each day.  

When you do these things, you increase your level of strength, wisdom, knowledge, and confidence. By having a high level of strength you feel as though, you can conquer the world. This helps you decrease your stress level.

Once you accept yourself, you can cope with the world around you and accept the fact that you can do everything you expected to do in life. Nevertheless, to accept that yourself you first have to love who you are and be proud of the person you have become. There are many things in life you are capable of doing, but you must develop the motivation and the will to get out there and JUST DO THEM!

Tip: Wear a wig

There is nothing wrong with wearing a wig.  Millions of women wear wigs including women with no hair problems.  It’s a good solution while you’re looking for a solution or treatment.