Do you know that more than 80% of users stated that the use of search engine has impacted new and useful knowledge into them?

Whenever they search for details on a particular subject using search engines, the search engine load result pages with different websites ranking from top to bottom, that contain contents that are relevant to the users’ search inquiry.

The ranking of websites on search engine result pages has helped many websites to gain attention from a lot of new users.

Before looking at how valuable content will help your SEO strategy, it is important to understand the following terms:


This is the short form for Search Engine Optimization. Optimization is the ordered arrangement and operation of a system to make it as good as possible.

With that said, SEO strategy involves the process of organizing the content of a website so as to help search engines to understand a users’ purpose of searching.

It is also the methodology of strategies and practices used to increase the number of users that visit a website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search engine result page.

The main objective of this strategy is to ensure that websites show up higher on a search engine result page so as to gain more visitors. It also enables your website to bring up a relevant result to users’ search query so that more people click on your website.

2. Valuable content

Valuable content is simply any web content that is pleasing. It is the content with important details created for a targeted audience.

It can appear in diverse structures or forms within a website. It is important to know that “content” is not all about the text; it may also include images, slides, audio, video, and much more. It is anything that search engines feel is worth sharing.

By valuable content, I mean the knowledge and information you choose to share is that which your users find inspiring and helpful; a content that they will be thankful for.

The Significance of Valuable Content on Your SEO Strategy

The following are the impacts of valuable content on your SEO strategy.


This is determined by the number of users that visit your website. It is also the measure of the number of pages opened on your website. When users are in need of information on a particular subject, the majority of them are likely to click on one of the suggestions of websites provided on the first page of the search engine.

This is because the higher a website ranks on the result page the greater the chance that the site will be visited by a user.

Whenever a search engine result loads, the probability of a user clicking on a website that ranks top on the result page is about 0.80. This is because it has been discovered that over 75% of traffic goes to websites on the first page of search engines.

2. Business Promotion

Business Organizations promote themselves through advertisement which may include giving out handbills, using billboards, posters and some other effective methods. It is important to note that these methods might only pass information to people around the area of the organization.

Your business may offer special product and exceptional services but when your consumers cannot find you, they possibly might never know that you exist.

A valuable content with good optimization process can enable your company to remain on the front page of search engines, thus making it easier for your consumers to find you. With the help of SEO, you can advertise more and sell more.

This is achieved when the products you sell and the services you offer are broadcasted on an optimized site that ranks high when the result page of a search engine loads.

It has been estimated that more than 65% of consumers search for suggestions regarding the products they need to purchase using search engines before they settle for the one they feel is the best option.

In situations like this, whenever a user’s search query is relevant to the content in your website, with the help of SEO, your website will definitely rank high when the result page is opened.

This process will surely ensure that your business is promoted and that consumers from various parts of the world visit your website to patronize you.

3. By-Pass Competition

This ensures that your business organization leads all other organizations that are involved in the production of similar goods and services. If consumers are in need of a particular product and they search for information on it.

The search engine brings the result of websites with contents that are related to the user’s search query. On the result page, almost all of the websites displayed either sell similar products or offer similar services but the websites with quality contents are ranked high.

Hence, consumers tend to click on one of the top-ranked websites thus ensuring that these websites move ahead of other websites.

4. Awareness

When your site appears on the first page of a search engine, your potential users are more likely to notice your website more easily. Owning a search engine with rich content helps you to inform your users that you exist. When users click on your website, if they are satisfied with the results they obtain, they tend to share your link through social media.

They may also inform their friends and colleagues about it, thus increasing your popularity and the number of users that know about your website. This is because the content is the foundation of the users’ experience. If you offer quality contents to your audience, you tend to rank higher on search engine result pages.


Ultimately, content is the main reason why users visit your website. The more content-rich your website is, the higher your opportunity of ranking high on result pages of popular search engines.

Search engines like Google are determined to ensure that users get the best search experience. Hence, you need to get more information to develop the content of information on your website so as to get high ranking on these search engines.